“There’s need to think about our future,

“There’s one issue that will define the contours of this society more dramatically than any other, and that is, the urgent threat of a changing climate.” -Barack Obama-
Imagine, that you are going into beautiful garden, flowers of contrasting colors, full of greenery, a place of happiness. Yet suddenly, the plants, they all die, the flowers disappear, and the whole place starts to diminish.well, this is exactly what is happening to our planet.Yes, the once sparkling waterbodies, turned grey,filled with dead fish. All those plants, that are being cut, then,alternated with humongous buildings. The very air that we breathe, (correction-are breathing even now) is dangerous. And unfortunately, it’s none other than us humans, who are doing this. To our very own earth. Our own planet.
Now, we’ve all heard the term global warming. in simple terms it is, the rise of the earth’s temperature. Global warming is a major threat, to all of humankind. So, it is indeed our responsibility, to take care of the world, and hand it over to our future generations. We need to think about our future, before we throw that soda bottle into the sea.


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