There’s The book is really big as

There’s a lot of difference between those two things.

If you read a book, and then watch it’s movie, you’ll realize that the movie is like a summary, and is much more boring than the book.

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Statistics indicated that Harry Potter dedicated 0.43 minutes in the movie to one page of the book.

The book is really big as compared to movies, so you can’t expect to have everything in the movie.
In a movie, you don’t have to imagine a scene. You just see it. While reading a book, you have to imagine how things are going on. So this means that when books have a long paragraph describing the scene, the movie doesn’t need to do so. But this has a disadvantage too. In a movie, the scene often goes unnoticed, but in a book, while reading, you pay attention to every line, and create the scene in your head in fine detail.

You should read The Maze Runner series, and once you do, then watch their movies. I can assure you, you’ll not like the movies at all.

If you compare them, books win hands down!!


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