There an effective digital presentation. Fonts, colors, certain

There several things to consider when creating an effective digital presentation. Fonts, colors, certain guidelines and tools, and of course considering any concerns you might have of an internal versus an external presentation.
Choosing the right font can make or break your presentation. Try to choose a font that will get your message across clearly. The right font size is important as well. You want to be able to see the font clearly from afar. You want to avoid any fonts that have fancy edges and you also want to consider the size of the room. That will determine the size of the font you choose.
Have you ever seen a digital presentation where you could hardly read what was on the screen? Why was that the case? Well, the presenters probably used colors that made it hard to read the text. It is very important to choose the right colors for your presentations and slides. If your organization is like mine, they might have a template that is already set aside for you to use that have the corporate or district colors. In that case, you have no choice in colors. But, if you get to choose, then keep in mind that certain colors mean certain things. For instance brown signifies simplicity, purple royalty and wisdom.
Some guidelines you want to consider that can help when creating your presentation is what you hope to achieve with it. What are you wanting your audience to take away from it? Once you do this; decide on your objectives, than you are in a much better position to plan the tone and design of your presentation.
Why you are making your presentation? Keep want you to achieve and what you want your audience to take away with them. Once you have decided upon your objectives, you are in a much better position to make strategic decisions about the design and tone of your presentation. For example, a presentation to a seminar group might require a balanced?argument, where a charity appeal might require a more creative approach. Ask yourself some key questions…what do you want your audience to understand? What action do you want your audience to take away once the presentation is over? How can the design of your presentation best meet your objectives? Lastly, your audience will have different experiences, interests and levels of knowledge. A really good presenter will know this and acknowledge when preparing.


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