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There is one such group which refers multiculturalism as traitor and invite ridicule. According to them, the blacks and browns are the society spoilers .They are of the opinion that banning third world immigration and European immigrants can make Canada multicultural nation.According to me, instead of what we were; we need to focus on what we should be it means alternatively ,fighting for such minor reasons would lead Canada to nowhere . In order to become a united nation, we should carry on what we have by leaving behind, what we used to have.

Remembering the past of Canada, French rule was overtaken by British empire which brought linguistic diversity .There were few rules or acts based on multicultural past of Canada which emphasis on multiculturalism . From past to present, the real Canadians deal with piece , fairness and justice instead of war. Once upon a time Canada became crowded with third world immigrants.

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Due to which multicultural policy for Canada was launched. According to this policy no culture is more than other and multiculturalism must be a policy for all the Canadians .The concept of multiculturalism rejects discrimination and prejudice it states that we all are the pillars standing under one common shelter. As we all know Unity is strength so, linguistic disputes among Quebec and Canada minority being neglected harmed country’s reputation and national unity .

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