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There is a significant relationship between academic achievement and parental guidance.

Parents play an important role in identifying children’s talent and guiding them. Family size plays a vital role in defining how well a child does in education. Small family size means parent can focus more on their child which would boost their academic growth however if the family size is large it may be hard for a parent to focus on their child better, at times large family sizes have a lot of financial burden which can affect educational achievement a lot since at times children drop out from school or do not study further for high school because of affordability issues. Children from large families do not feel the need to interact with other people in the society which disadvantage’s them in learning about other social roles, facing hardship in making friends and better understanding of the society this all can collectively lead to poor grades but with that if a child has siblings who study well they can grasp better and vast knowledge from them and do well at school. Parental educational background even matters a lot in a sense that parents with good academic background expect more from their children which means higher standards and greater academic performance but when parents themselves are from a poor academic background and have themselves not attainted proper good education they lay low importance to their children’s education to which means they have low expectations so then children even do not feel motivated to perform well. Moreover parents involvement in school activities, meetings and extracurricular has a great impact on educational achievement. Middle class parents do not emphasize on the importance of attending such meetings and knowing about how their children are doing which could lead to demotivated attitude and poor educational achievement.

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Students from lower income families have the burden to work after studying too which hinders the educational achievement to a greater level.


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