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There have been many conversations in the U.S if immigrants shouldn’t be in America.

But have we ever thought of what the impact that immigrants have had on the history of the U.S.immigrants have changed the united states in a variety of ways new foods such as pizza And sushi is popular thanks to immigrants also immigrants brought the concept of kindergarten The United States a is a country that was built on immigration. The First people in America, Native Americans, are less than 2% of the total population. The remaining 98% of the population are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Today, the United States still have the highest immigration rate in the world with 757,434 naturalizations in the 2012 fiscal year only.

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People try to immigrate to the United States for many reasons. They have been granted a refugee status or asylum and other people immigrate to fulfill their dreams. Immigration has an effect on American society and economy. The US cannot survive without immigrants. Not to mention, once in the United States, most immigrants cannot afford to live in the U.

S. They make less than minimum wage so can only live in shady neighborhoods where insecurity rates are high. Many immigrants do criminal acts like prostitution, theft, drug dealing, etc. And that increases the rate of insecurity in the nation. From an economic aspect, immigration is somewhat beneficial since it increases the US workforce and its economy. According to Camarota Steven on his testimony” Immigration and the US economy”, immigration overall increases the economy of the US because more workers and more people mean bigger GDP. He also pointed out that the impact of immigration on the size of the economy is not a measure of the benefits of natives.

That means that regardless of the benefits of natives, Immigration is a tool to increase the economy of the US. but it can be detrimental to the US the US economy. In fact, most of the immigrants work “under the table” which make the fiscal drain larger. So the economy of the US does not really take advantage of what immigrants make as money. Besides, lawful residents or authorized workers do not profit because the immigrants that are willing to get paid under the minimum wage take the jobs that they could have gotten. Such a phenomenon increases the rate of unemployment which is obviously is not good for the economy either. The higher rate of unemployment means, more charges for the government to take care of. Consequently, more taxpayer money goes to welfare checks and food banks.

Immigration has many impacts on the American Dream. One important thing to note is that immigration keeps the dream alive. Starting from nothing, and building everything is what immigrants come after when they come to America. They come to live the nation’s creed, to be free and considered equal, to witness justice and humanity. These people believing in the dream are the ones that make it bigger.Since ”The American Dream” is for Americans it would be right to consider first the impact of immigration on ”their” ”American Dream”.

Immigration negatively impacts every American’s “dream” because it is making it more difficult to achieve. Most of the young people think that they have not realized it yet. So, by considering that the majority of people who immigrate to the US are young and adult people then, it becomes more complicated to achieve the ”Dream”. There would be fewer opportunities for more young people.

For example, it would be more difficult to find a job because the immigrants take many jobs. Thus, immigration at some point makes the American Dream difficult for young people to realize because it reduces the opportunities for employment and good income. Some immigrants are now getting an education thanks to the Development Relief and Education for Alien Minor (DREAM) and ”since the first DREAM Act was introduced in 2001, some 11 states have passed laws providing in-state tuition for undocumented students. ”That will help undocumented students to afford school with the ”in-state tuition” and to pursue college after graduating High School. Menard, Valerie. “Living the DREAM.” Diverse: Issues In Higher Education 27.18 (2010): 6.

The fact that undocumented students are able to pursue their college degree would make it more difficult for Americans to achieve because they will have to compete with undocumented students for the fewer jobs that already exist. That would affect many American students because they must pay back their student loans even though they scarcely find a qualified job after finishing college. And since interest rates are always on the rise, students are struggling. Many people have devastated their lives after taking student loans in order to obtain a better education and at the end up with a loan that they cannot afford to pay back because they did not get a good job.

Immigrants seek in the US what they did not get where they come from. They look for more opportunities to realize their dreams. For many, becoming an American citizen is a part of a lifelong dream because this will give them much more opportunities and rights. Becoming an American citizen is considered as an achievement that many individuals who have lived in the USA cannot wait to realize. They look forward to the new regulation that will enable them to obtain citizenship. Kica, Matos.

“13 years is too long for people to wait.” USA Today. The second thing that immigrants are looking forward to is getting a better life. In the movie ”Better Life,” for example, Rainer, Peter describes how far an immigrant can go to have a better life.

He also shows that they are so determined that they are willing to compromise their integrity, to take some risks to the detriment of their deportation in order to live better. Rainer, Peter. “A Better Life: movie review.” Christian Science Monitor 24 June 2011: N.PAG.


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