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There are various types of information technology that become most important for Dirt Bike bikes to track their sales and prices, and functional business processes such as systems that help companies monitor orders from distributors, and provide parts and service information. Therefore, they also need something to keep track of their employees and how much they make so they can make payments accurately. As a result, there is a sophisticated and new system that can assist the company’s monitoring work on the assembly line, get parts from suppliers, monitor orders from buyers, and provide parts and service information.

A company website to publish the unique features of this brand and its connectivity to motor racing events is also very important.3.1.1 E-Commerce According to Roft T.Wigand (1997) the Electronic commerce is a relatively new concept that crept into the business vocabulary during the 1970s. A picture of electronic commerce is emerging in which the Internet will become the essential dial-tone for conducting business by the year 2000.

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This contribution addresses definitional, theoretical and contextual issues including the nature, drivers, enablers, and the magnitude of electronic commerce. The author discusses the role of electronic markets, the effects of information technology on electronic commerce, interactivity, and the evolution of disintermediation to reinter mediation. A definition and typology of electronic commerce are offered. Theoretical and conceptual approaches to electronic commerce are advanced in terms of transaction cost theory, marketing, diffusion, information retrieval, and strategic networking. Dirt bike will benefit from e-commerce as it will become a major component in their advertisement to promote their products to the public. Hence, communities around the world can access information about the company and their products by clicking the button only.

This is the best way to educate people in their company and background. In addition, with e-commerce it will enable customers to order, customize, and view products they like. As such, e-commerce will provide their customers with access to track their orders and update on their status as much as they need to call that will take a long time. Furthermore, the Dirt Bike should sell both parts and motorcycles on their website so that customers can adapt to their wishes with the appropriate fuel section, but if they are just looking for recreational activities, they can only buy pre-carbon -made. Additionally, this website is the main ad advertisement to the Dirt Bike company faucet people around the world can access all the information they need in starches, products and promotions.

Therefore, Dirt Bike should use the website to tell customers about their customer service, but it is not the main source of customer service. Finally, they need to maintain phone-based customer service to stay alone with their customers to create better relationships between buyers and sellers.3.1.2 Web SiteAccording to Matt Germonprez the The World Wide Web has become the medium of choice for the distribution and use of information by individuals, teams, organizations, and communities. Web site the collection of web pages that make up the World Wide Web—are the fundamental means by which that information is retrieved and distributed. Understanding the factors that impact the complexity of a web site is a key step toward effective retrieval and distribution of information and its ultimate use in collaborative activity.

Therefore, the Dirt Bike website should contain many important and useful functions for customers, as they need to adjust or view previously made jacks. In addition, the inn’s website also has credit card information that facilitates the public without causing problems to consumers and customers. Additionally, the Dirt Bike website must have pages tracking up orders that are kept up to date every hour to enhance the customers’ ability to keep track of any information related to the Dirt Bike. Therefore, the Dirt Bike should also have links to discuss the company’s background information, employees, success companies and their motorcycle’s success in general so that the pelagans know the company. For example, they need a page for beginners, who are people who do not know about the bike, but want to become educated quickly. While the other requirement is to make the website a medium to tell people in different parts they sell in relation to companies where Dirt BIke gets their share so people can make sure they buy a safe and user-friendly part. However, the Dirt Bike needs to have a suitable distributor site so people know about access and where the next is delivered or delivered to consumers so that consumers will be self-deceived by a Dirt Bike company.

Additionally, the website is also well-suited for feedback on how to do it. Finally, there is a need to become a page service customer and how to contact them, either by email or a hundred. Finally, the Dirt Bike needs to have a real website because they do not have real stores and people may not feel hot about their motorcycles and parts coming from companies that do not have a base.3.1.3 Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)According to Ajay Kumar(2006) the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) introduces the actual method of voice transmission over Internet Protocol (IP) networks and Internet protocol phones. Additionally, it describes a telephone device that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) as a genuine transport for voice and call signals through customers.

Furthermore, Internet Protocol Phone (IP) also requires Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to send calls over various networks. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses Internet Protocol (IP) to deliver voice as packets over an Interent Protocol (IP) network. Therefore, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can be reached on any data network using Internet Protocol (IP), such as Internet, Intranet and Local Area Network (LAN). As such, all voice signals are digitized, compressed and converted to Internet Protocol (IP) packets and then transmitted over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Finally, the Signal (IP) protocol is used to set up and break calls, bring the information needed to find users, and negotiate the capabilities of users.Therefore, a program that can be done by the Dirt Bike company is via Skype VOIP that allows people to have a phone number that can be accessed by traditional phones and people can also choose to call directly from the internet.

However, people have the option of retaining their system voicemail if they are not online or too busy talking at that time. In addition, skype also offers unlimited calls or low intermediate call rates with a one-time fee for numbers and voicemails for whatever option they want, so all the calls they need for the Dirt Bike business.Next, there are also phone adapters or phone wizards who have been available to use traditional telephones with free Skype call options to customers who are uncomfortable with the idea of speaking through computers.

It also helps the company while employees away from the office to keep in touch with less money and easy connections on the Internet.3.1.4 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)According to Judith E. Payne (1991) Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a step toward “electronic commerce”-an application of computer technology that promises to enhance the nation’s productivity by moving both private and public sector business from a paper-based world to one based solely on electronic transactions. Simply stated, EDI is the electronic exchange of formatted business transactions between one organization’s computer and another’s.

Therefore, a technology that can be used by the Dirt Bike company is the Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) because with the adoption of such technology in the Dirt Bike company it can speed up the transmission of information and communication with their customers. In addition, the use of electronic data exchange (EDI) juda can reduce the overhead and inventory costs of Dirt Bike companies as they reduce the use of paper within the company as well as any electronic data exchange (EDI) within the transaction is formatted so that it can be recognized and processed by a firm computer without the intervention of workers on the Dirt Bike. Consequently, the relationship between customers and Dirt Bike companies can be strengthened with the use of the Exchange of Electronic Data (EDI).


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