There poem has a violent, painful, and

There are two types of people to deal with death in this world. Some of them have sympathy and guilty and on the other side they don’t care about death. “Travelling through the Dark” by William E. Stanford and “Woodchucks” by Maxine Kumin, both poems have their similarities and differences. Travelling through the Dark and Woodchucks share several ways of similarities, man and nature death situations are involved in both poems. Through the way of narrations both poems have different attitudes.
Travelling through the Dark starts off with dark and serious tone and the reader sympathizes with the main action of meeting dead deer off the road. This poem sets the mood of sadness and despair for the reader. In Woodchucks, Maxine talks about the violence in killing the woodchuck and actually shows the killing actions and violence while in Travelling through the Dark tells us human reaction with less violence act.
Both poems use First Person point of view so we can feel the situation easier and we can imagine that we are on the story. Each poem has a violent, painful, and guilty tone to it, maybe some or less in others. The death of each animal leaves us the feeling of sadness and helpless to the reader.


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