There are things that no one can explain even after you are deceased

There are things that no one can explain even after you are deceased.
It was an exquisite day for a late night surprise party for my friend Emily’s 16th birthday and the time was going like the speed of light. On the brink of the time that I had left, the lights vanished almost as they had died. Forthwith Jack, a friend of mine from school starts whispering the story of the Blue Bell Hill ghost with this sinister voice he can make.
Subsequently, after a while, it was time for me to leave and go to my stale, stodgy, stuffy home. I was already late. The clock was going tick TOCK! I had to walk back down the hill in the eerie darkness that was surrounding me remembering the story of the Blue Bell Hill ghost.
So I started my journey, It was about midnight and the only sound I could hear were my shoes going clomp. Clomp. Clomp!! I was bored, so I tried to remember the jokes Jack made at the party.”What road has the most ghosts haunting it? A dead end!” I knew that my Dad would laugh at the joke hysterically. The moonlight was getting darker and darker as if it was dying. The amount of darkness, opposed the the bright colour of owls that are found around here.
Then I heard it.
A muffled co-co-co-co-co.
I couldn’t see it but I knew, an owl. Some said these owls meant danger, some heard they were the angel of death. I was as blind as a bat in daylight. But I could hear a small roar.
It was getting louder and louder but miles away. I opened my eyes to the dark, my enemy. In that moment I saw someplace where the dark had diminished. I ran, my speed reaching high records for myself.
Left or right.
It didn’t matter where I ran. I felt hopeless, the darkness had sucked up my only hope to be free from this bizarre darkness. As I hastily collapsed to the solid, hard, firm ground, I had found the light. Joy and curiosity were hitting me from the front, back, everywhere! I smiled.
As I started walking I wondered why I had never noticed this road before. It was as relaxing as classical music. After just a minute, the road came to a dead end. I sighed and headed back. At the time I arrived back, everything was offbeat like the roar and the immense darkness. At that moment, corner of my eye moving faster than the speed of light caught something.
Something white like the snow. The owl was still there staring at me with its hardened eyes ruining my hair as it went up in spikes. I did not one-bit trust that owl. I continued to walk.
A car appeared from the corner of the road, going at a preposterous speed.
Towards me. The blood red car had a painting of a white owl and the driver was Jack’s dad. Now I knew where those jokes came from. Was it a coincidence? As these thoughts raced through my mind, the car was coming closer and closer. But it was too late now. I was shouting to myself, regretting that I didn’t move.
I felt something.


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