There third largest grocery retailer in the

There are many types of ownership. There are Sole traders for an example, which is a one person who owns a business. An for example would be partnership where there is 2 or more people own the business there is also private limited companies which are often a family run business.

There are public limited companies that are large organisation that shares are owned by different ownership.Some of these business ownership are set up for profits or non-profits. Each ownership has its aim.Sectors:There are four different types of sectors which are primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary. Each of these sectors classifies what a business is.Scope:Scope in business tells if the business is local, national or internationalSize:Size determines what a business is, so if business has up to 9 staff it is a micro business. If a business has 10 to 49 staff it is a small business. If a business has 50 to 249 staff working it’s a medium business.

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If there’s 250 or more working its large business Tesco is Britain’s largest retailer, and it is the third largest grocery retailer in the world. Tesco is a profit making business which started out by selling groceries, but now they sell a whole variety of products. The aims and objectives of Tesco’s are:? To capitalize on sales? Develop and maintain the number one retail business in the UK.

? Is to outperform and do better than their rivals and remain the market leader.? Highest aim of Tesco is to maximize revenue.? To supply goods/services that is low-priced and affordable to consumers or the publicTesco would want to expand their business buy making new ‘green buildings’ for their stores to keep their carbon footprint down. By doing this it would appeal to wider customer bases who believe in environmentally friendly buildings which are built to sustain global warming.Oxfam is charity organisation. It is an international organisation who works in 98 different countries around the world and their aim is to eradicate poverty and help the people who are in need. Oxfam business and aim is not set up for profits buts its more setup for to help people so that they can have a better life, another is using the money they get they use it to help people like give food to people who don’t have it or spend money on health and education especially in third world countries where they are unfortunate. Oxfam help people to campaign with people and organizations for things such as;? Putting end to unfair trade? Better health and education services for all.

The aims and objectives of Oxfam is:? Supporting country’s which are stricken in poverty.? Educate people about natural disasters and the effect this has on poverty.? To campaign for a fair equal world.? Encourage western nations to aid poorer third world countries.? Help third world countriesOxfam’s main concern would be the donation of food to relieve famine, over the years Oxfam has developed plans to fight the causes of famine. In addition to food and medication Oxfam also offers tools to allow people to become self-sufficient.OwnershipTesco is a Private Limited Company or Plc.

it is owned by several people or thousands of people. The reason Tesco is a Plc. is because of the size of the business. Due to its size it would be tough to raise sufficient funds for Tesco if it was owned by a sole trader or by partners. Where would in a Plc ownership the company is owned by shareholders who fund the company. This happens by the people buying shares in the company and becoming shareholders. Sometimes this may seem more appealing to people who are investing because they have the bonus of limited liability. Limited liability is where if the business goes bankrupt then you only lose the money that you invested.

Unlimited liability relates to soul traders and partnerships if one of these were to go bankrupt then they could lose all their personal assets over it and the money they put into it. So it’s good and ideal for Tesco to be a PLC.Stakeholders influence the purpose of Tesco because if it weren’t for the investors then the business wouldn’t be able to run as it needs funds to run which investors give. The investors invest their own money to better the business and receive a profit. This is how the following could influence the organization;? Customers would want to be treated equally and with loyalty or they would go elsewhere, Tesco could lose customers.? Employees – Employees want better pay or they’ll treat the customers in a poor manner so this would mean the customers would go elsewhere.? Shareholders invest their own money into the business and want good profits or the share values would decrease in value.

? Trade unions – Trade unions want staff to be treated fairly, equally and with respect. ? Suppliers want fairness in business trading or would give the company a bad reputation.? Government – Government want their taxes paid, also to reduce unemployment in the local areas.? Local community – the community could protest against Tesco or boycott the business, if they damage the local environment or wildlife.

Stakeholders of OxfamStakeholder can be defined as a person, group or organization that has direct and indirect position in organization. It is affected by organization’s rules, polices and decisions. The Individuals, celebrities, politicians and organizations across the run campaign for collecting funds and to remove illiteracy and poverty.Individual people these types of people can make decisions faster, they mostly work in under developed countries to make them growing countries, and feel this easy to work alone. Donate personally money, clothes for removing poverty.Customers are the main participant in organization. They help by buying food, drinks, and also help organization by used drink bottles and wrappers for recycling and make collection for Oxfam. Without their involvement it is not possible collecting money for Oxfam.

Employees that are workers of Oxfam work in flood relieving, food preparation, placing people in save places when they get infected or in danger.OXFAM MissionIt acts for attitudinal change to facilitate in development, socially and economically. It helps famine and giving life to them. Values satisfactory behaviour within organization. Behaviour of individuals within the organization.

And Flexible commitment. Use time and resources efficientlyStrategic aims and objectives Oxfam works for trade justice, fair trade, education and aid, health, HIV/AIDS, conflict, campaigning and natural disasters, human rights, and climate change. And supporting children by educating them and providing food.Oxfam strategic planning process Oxfam is world’s 3rd largest non-profit organization and Oxfam strategic planning process is to works for the removal of poverty.

To fight homelessness and also for the development of undeveloped area and for progress of organization.Smart objectives of OxfamSpecific Reducing Poverty is specific objective.Measurable Oxfam is responding to 26 emergency situations worldwide.

Relevant skills Oxfam is finding people who have skills to tackle problems.Time-based Oxfam includes 14 countries union working in more than 100 countries.M1 Point of Views of different stakeholdersDirectors the business through meetings with top managers and managing strategies for progress of Tesco. Employees should work hard on making good quality products that will make profit and also increase pay and conditions of Employees and also helpful for safety, health and pension arrangements.Customer’s views are to getting latest brands and saving by low price products.D1 Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organizationStakeholders stand for great influence in organization. Developing countries employees make fashionable clothes and brands to exert little power over their employer have to give those jobs and getting new products.Owners are the organization’s main stakeholders and gain profit and pays all bills and wages to workers and remain profit shares with shareholdersDirectors pay attention to make strategy and decisions regarding organization Government influences by law rights to change behaviour of environmental or health and safety.

Employees exert main role in business profit or loss. When the economy is active they work hard and make extra products.Customers also create great influence within an organization by purchasing products from store or online at low prices.

ConclusionI was given an Assignment of two contrasting organizations Tesco and Oxfam. I found that both organizations are serving better in their departments and both are for people. in both organizations stake holder are more important participant because if you don’t have too many stake holder and your profitable and non-profitable organizations will not succeed in their missions.RecommendationsI would like to recommend the both different organization one is profit gaining Tesco and non-profits gaining Oxfam have good customer connection because Oxfam is an international charity which is focused on fighting poverty and providing them shelter. And Tesco is providing daily needs products for customers and also providing funds to Oxfam so that they can participate in decreasing poverty. So both plays important role for customers.Customers – customers points of views or opinion if they were to effect Tesco strategic aims and objectives would be about the service they receive. As a customer you would want to receive the highest level of customer service from such a big store like Tesco.

I would think that most of Tesco strategic aims are based around or on their customer’s feedback, like if they wanted to expand into other areas of business, like selling hardware and home furniture they would have to see if customers were interested and would they actually buy from them. We are used to seeing Tesco in all places as they are looking to expand and dominate their competitors. This would be good for customers because Tesco would expand and open large stores giving jobs and services to customers and local people.Oxfam – customers – The customers of Oxfam would expect Oxfam to claim more aid etc., to meet their specific aims and strategic aims. They would also expect Oxfam to open many stores across the nation to help provide jobs and aid for suffering people, also to provide customers/local people with jobs and by opening more stores this could help raise the amount that Oxfam donate to suffering people.

Customers that influence the charity would like to see more posts for voluntary work which could help them reach their objectives and aims in the specific time.Tesco suppliers – the suppliers of Tesco would benefit from their strategic aims and objectives because Tesco are always looking to expand. This would mean more demand for products from their suppliers, also meaning that more stores are open and more jobs made for people.

This indicates more revenue made, and more cash spent on suppliers for products. The supplies would be needed throughout the world and would need to be reliable because Tesco would rely on their supplies heavily. Tesco would rely on their suppliers to deliver goods and products to all their stores nationally and internationally, so suppliers would be needed around the world, in order to cope with the demand of products that Tesco require. The strategic aims and objectives would give the suppliers of Tesco a good contact


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