There that supermarket. Price usually was intermediate for

There are many perception why households that living around the city of Bangi do not come to Mr Adam supermarket.

Maybe it was from price level at that supermarket. Price usually was intermediate for customer to buy goods or services at store. It is because people are more likely use price as an indicator for quality of relatively expensive goods (Olson 1977). Mr Adam should consider with customer about price and not to manipulate it. According to Monroe and Petroshius, (1981) researcher perception also suggests that perception relative and not difference in price will make customer response differentially.

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As a retailer, Mr Adam must aware about it because customer always sensitive to price. Next is about perception for quality and value. Price is indicator to level of quality goods and services. For example, it was a same goods and quality but difference price. Customer will buy at expensive price because they expected the cheaper price is inferior quality. Customer may not only retrain from buying products when they consider the price too expensive, but also suspicious of the quality goods if the price too much below what they consider acceptable.

This perception will turn directly influence willingness to buy. Next perception is about store environment. According to Stanley and Sewall (1976) the important part of decision choice in store image. According to Darden, Ordem and Darden (1983), they found that consumer’s believe about the physical attractiveness of such as layout environment store had a higher correlation with patronage intentions then did merchandise quality, general price level or selection. The store environment also has a major influence on consumer’s inferences about merchandise quality. The physical attractiveness of store can attract customer to buy better than merchandise quality and price. To make store environment more to nature, retailer should arrange the layout, comfort and more privacy.

For example the important physical in store variable is aisle width, brightness, crowding, colour, noise level, promotion, and other. This all thing to make customer comfort when purchasing. To make customer satisfaction about Mr Adam supermarket, he must aware about store satisfaction such as location store, merchandise, store atmosphere, customer service, price, advertising, personal selling and sales incentive program besides retail marketing mix. According to Zeitham et al. (1996), customer does not want to purchase because of bad word of mouth communication, purchase intentions, price insensitively, and complain behaviour. The designs also will have some very specific effects on shopping behaviour and may raise some issues which impact on these consumer behaviour effects.

According to Smith and Sanchez, (2003), retailer should focus on the conceptualisation of technique for determining the optimal location and sales.


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