There has not been passed on correctly

There are lots of difficulties that can occur when communicating whether it be with an individual or in a group situation.
Poor communication: this can cause conflict among people maybe because information has not been passed on correctly or because of a misunderstanding. This is best resolved if the problem or cause is discussed between those involved.
Opposing expectations: when doing an activity you should always be clear what you are doing with the people so they will not expect or have some other idea of what is going to happen.
Cultural differences: in schools, there are many adults and children which have different cultures and we may find that they might communicate in different ways, in some cultures eye contact is discouraged, so the person may miss the non-verbal cues, so we would need to find a way around this.
Different values and ideas: different people have different methods of dealing with situations, parents might not agree with the school in the way their child has been asked to do something, so this should be discussed and a common ground established.
External factors: you may come across an adult or a child that may have home issues or problems, and this may have an emotional impact on the way they are able to communicate. Most of the time we have worked with these adults and children and should know if they are behaving uncharacteristically so we may want to ask them if they are ok and if we can help them.
Individuals with special needs: when dealing with children and adults with special needs may have communication difficulties and sometimes take longer when speaking or they be anxious or nervous, so we must adapt the way we communicate with them to cater for each individual.
Lack of confidence: if a child or an adult lack confidence, or are not sure what they are doing this can cause them to act in an aggressive way. This is normally to do with how they perceive themselves and their own abilities it would not be personal. In situations like this, it is always best to be patient, supportive and offer encouragement.


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