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There are five aspects of development in babies through to adulthood. These are: social, physical, intellectual, communication and emotional.
During the first year of life, a baby will undergo rapid physical changes. Their brain will be developing quickly while they are gathering information from the world around them; they are learning to live in the outside world. They will be organising information and storing this to help them grow.

By one month old babies can lift their heads, stare at faces and see black and white patterns. At three months babies can follow objects, hold their head up, recognise familiar faces and smile. They may start to open and shut their hands and bring their hands to their mouth, grip objects in their hands and take swipes or reach for objects dangling in front of them.

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During babies development from four months to nine months, they become more physical as they start to use their hands more effectively, sit up and crawl. Their head control becomes increasingly steady, they can reach out and grab objects including passing them from hand to hand, and put them in their mouths.
As their hand to eye co-ordination improves, they may start to clap and play games such as pat-a-cake. They can usually pick up objects and drop them again, for example in a feeding high chair they may enjoy dropping toys onto the floor.
Usually around 6 months babies first teeth will start to erupt with some finding this distressing and may have difficulty sleeping. Weaning is usually started around six months but may vary from baby to baby.


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