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There are different types of discrimination, it is an action that denies social participation or human rights to the categories of people based on prejudice.Unfair discrimination on a staff in the NHS service would be when the individual is not considered or involved a lot or not even given a chance to be themselves where they may feel disempowered about themselves, where this may happen when a female doctor may get less paid then a male doctor or even if they are not getting the equal pay. This can effect them as they may feel very low self-esteem and they may think they are not worth of themselves. Also when a certain individual within the staff follows a different religion for example Muslim as they have their particular time to pray but they have been not given permission as this is not respecting their culture and religion which can effect them emotionally and may make them feel disliked or they would feel disrespected for not letting them pray. Unfair discrimination on a service user in the NHS would be for example if an elderly person who is disabled and is in a wheelchair needs access to the exalters then the NHS should provide the needs that they need or even provide ramps for them as they wouldn’t be able to stand and climb the stairs if they are being treated unfair it can emotionally effect them as they may feel left out and hurt, the individual may feel frustrated and may go through mental stress just because they have not bee treated equal.

another example of a service user who is of different race or has a different skin colour may be denied to give any medication or may also not given a chance to be consulted by the doctor. This can effect them emotionally as they may feel dishonoured and may go through depression, some may even have blood pressure problems therefore getting them stressed may affect their health very badly. Direct/overt discrimination may have an effect on the staff in the NHS by treating the staff users rudely by disrespecting them and their colour if they were dark skinned for example If a nurse had to be that then the service user may deny getting checked up by the nurse or may not want to sit next to them. This can effect them as they would feel left out and hurt they may also feel lonely and go through stress that no one likes them. Indirect/covert discrimination on a staff user would be by telling them they are not allowed religious necklace around them or indirecting towards them that are not clean this can effect them by not being respected properly and they my feel hurt and sad they may also feel disempowered amongst themselves around others and may feel ashamed

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