Theme party, she expected to get a gift

Theme Analysis “The Stolen Party” The short story “The Stolen Party” written by Liliana Heker was a story about social status through the eyes of a young girl. Rosaura was very excited to go to Luciana’s party and have a good time.

But, little did she know that she was going to be a waitress at the party. This is demonstrated when Senora Ines talks to Rosaura “yes you, but not the others they’re much too boisterous, they might break something.” (Heker 124) Senora Ines is clearly using Rosaura as a servant by using the excuse that all her other guests are loud and mischievous. This is also shown when “Senora Ines had asked Rosaura to help pass the cake around.

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” (Heker 126) Although, Rosaura had a good time at the party, she expected to get a gift from Senora Ines just like the other kids. Sadly however, she did not receive exactly what she wanted which she thought was going to be in the pink and blue bags, but “Senora Ines didn’t look in the pink bag. Nor did she look in the blue bag. Instead she rummaged in her purse. In her hand appeared two-dollar bills.” (Heker 128) Senora Ines tells her “You really and truly, earned this.” (Heker 128) Showing that Senora Ines did not think of Rosaura to be a friend of Luciana’s, instead be considered the “maid’s daughter” and pay her money over a toy that every child was receiving from the party.

“Thank you for all your help, my pet.” (Heker 128) When Senora Ines called Rosaura a pet it symbolizes the monkey in the story. Just like, when the magician called the monkey his partner, it shows how the magician acted as the monkey was on the same level as him even though the magician was much more superior then the monkey just like Rosaura was to Senora Ines. Overall, the story teaches that in our society today, there is still a comparison between social class and in this story, it is shown through the eyes of a young girl.


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