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theatres, and the opening huge capital, and that capital the Trust used was in order to create 6 new operating communities the hospitals serve. Another disadvantage the scientific theory has is that it requires specific but that resulted in considerable concerns in those less additional costsand improvements serviceachieve in order to and those factors are of course less cost in production and less time, even though there were some efforts of cost saving, such as the merge of the Trust with a smaller Trust, way it is,he factors that scientific management supports are the reason why the structure of the clinic is ttwo mainThe . times production of les the goalthat have to be taken into account and not as much time as its needed in order to achieve many responsibilitiesotopre-planned and they are bound to do their job exactly as told, on the CEOs side there are way considered their work is everything motivation for the reason that s’employeeCEO because it is believed that, this way the CEO can have full access on everything and the ability to control the employees, so that everything can be in order and to function correctly, as well as less production time as it was mentioned, but the problem is that this type of management also has disadvantages. For example, since the Management takes complete responsibility concerning the work place activities and the planning, it decreases the through oes gnformation ievery and strict clinic is soWelton That’s why the structure of , Carl and Adam ,2005) which is a theory of management that is based on analysing and synthesising workflow within the Company, Business or Organisation, the aim of this theory is for the economic efficiency to be improved, particularly in workforce productivity (Taylor,1911). On the other hand, Mayo’s theory of Human Relations refers to the researchers of organisational development who analyse and observe the behaviour of people in groups, in specific workplace groups and other similar sections such as organizational and industrial psychology, in brief Mayo’s theory suggests that ”management should treat workers as individuals” (Mayo,1933) and by doing so employees gain self-confidence which results in efficiency, effectiveness and commitment to their job which is basically, job satisfaction.

Taylor’s theory is mostly used in strictly structured businesses due to the fact that employees are not allowed to do anything else but their work, and how they’ve been instructed to do it and that results to the ability to have absolute control over the employees, since they are obligated to do the same task repeatedly. Another reason why business prefer this tactic is because the production time is reduced due to the fact that everything that is related to production is pre-established.Mitcham (Taylorismit comes to Mayo’s and Taylor’s theories there are many things that have to be taken into consideration, Taylor was the one to introduce Scientific management also known as hen W

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