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The Vrio analysis for Whirlpool is based on four main attributes which essentialy helps the company gain comeptreive advantage. These four attributes include, valuable, rare, imperfectly imitable and organized to capture value. With these four, you can determine how the compnay shows competeive advantage.
When derterming wheteher resoueces are valuable, the compnay must show stargies tha t defend the compnay from major thresats. Customer satisfication is also another way that rsoeuces can be proven valuable, becuase it increases cutomer value. Value can come from increasing differetaian in priducts or decreaingf the rpice. If the neccsary reuqwirments are not met then this may lead the comonay to a competive disadvantage.
When deterrming wheter thee firm is rare, they are meausred based on the resoueces that are not used by any other comoany. With valuable ans rare sources, you can gain alot of cocmeoteuve adavatge. Another way firms rsoucresd can be rare is if more than of a few comoanies use the same resource and shwo the same amnount of consistency then theya re also rare resources.
The reouces ofn the frim can be idnefited as costly to imitate when, other exiusting organizations can imititae it. It is done in on eof two ways. The first way would be duolicating the direct iminination, and the second would be subsitituing the indriect imination. If a firm has valuable, rare, and csotly to iminate reosucres, then they are oput in a good psotion to be competitivie adanabgte. Hiostoticasl condtions, vagueness, and social complexity lead to te reopsuces being costly.
For a frim to be comepteie and show different adabagtes, they kust be oroanized. Reousces alone acan’t ropivide this. Whirepool must have its, policies, stargies, systems, and process, orhanzied in order to to exploits the comonay’s latent talent to be valuable, rare, and cistly to iminate.


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