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The views given in Toni Morrison’s analysis were more negative than positive. My opinion on “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” matched up to her critique is highly on point. The issue of feeling uncomfortable when saying or reading the slang that refers to an african american male or women is described the same way I felt reading it. Morrison breaks down the book very easily and helps create an understandable analysis. She goes on a while interpreting how Huck can’t settle down anywhere and is afraid to travel alone since even the most simple things seem to trigger him. Except when Jim and Huck escape on the raft and go on an adventure all of those feelings of being afraid and left behind don’t appear as much as they intend to. Her view on Jim is one of fatherly figure that has been missing in Huck’s life since his pap was an abusive drunkard. Morrison goes deeper with this interpretation and states that Jim is the piece holding Huck together from breaking out in fear and remorse. Jim is helping take away all the troubles Huck has felt. The only thing holding this great friendship apart is segregation of blacks and whites that don’t allow this type of interaction since back then blacks were viewed as property and not people. Either Way even though races were viewed differently and social status was imperative, Huck is still wanting to go on this friendship. Morrison’s reaction to Pap’s death is very different from mine since she explained that it was a very chilling and “cold” encounter when Jim told Huck his money was safe considering that his father is dead. I viewed his death as a brush off the shoulder since he didn’t really in my opinion play a big role in the hole novel but I do agree that he shaped Huck in some ways from his abuse. In another stance I partially agree when Morrison speaks on how Huck has had a troubling past especially because of his abusive childhood led on by his father. She specifies that Huck won’t let go of past events seeing that his father use to beat him and he’d have to hide away his inconveniences until time passed and never come to resolve them. Huck spent the majority of his time fleeing from his dad, because he was afraid his dad would beat him.


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