The place in the modern world is apparently

The vacuity of soul and purpose explored above can be further accounted for by the urban
decay and monotony induced by the manufacturing industry of the 20th century cities.
Preludes written by Eliot in 1910* generates the putrid streetscape and the resulting impact
on human mentality and emotion that evolves to an ever more complex search for meaning
in life. The phrase ‘With all its muddy feet that press/to early coffee stands’ uses
synecdoche of muddy feet to remove individuality from the working class, and conveys
synchronous daily routine of waiting at for coffee. This exemplifies how the monotonous
routine engaged by the masses destroys sense of freedom and individuality. So, although an
individual’s place in the modern world is apparently simple due to its unanimity, an
individual’s search for purpose and fulfilment in life is increasingly challenging. The
monotony of routine is conveyed to be never ending through the subsequent couplet, ‘with
all the masquerades/ that time resumes’, that conveys the illusion that time is passing. This
notion was possibly inspired by philosopher Henri Bergson who reasoned that the
experience of time becomes subjective to the mood and emotions of the person. Therefore,
the ennui of monotonous urban routine creates a fallacy of time passing. Participation in
the working routine of the urban city couples inherently with dissatisfaction with self


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