The system supplies in charge. The feasibility study

The use of biogas and solar energy has significantly disseminated across the country both in rural and urban areas, local government authorities plan certain number of biogas plants and solar PV systems to be installed in their annual performance targets for enhancing sustainable development which is done in all districts mobilizing population and energy system supplies in charge. The feasibility study showed that Renewable energy technologies are promising to meet future energy demand. The challenges that hinder technology uptake are; high installation and maintenance costs of the systems, non-availability of feedstock (under-feeding of plants) for biogas digesters plants and lack of service centers for effective after-sales-services (Gloria V, Bahri, et al. 2015). The abandonment of household energy systems is mainly caused by insufficient and inadequate technical maintenance basically due to the lack of regular follow up services and lack of households’ knowledge about their systems. According to the study on the effects of Rwanda’s biogas program on energy expenditure and fuel use, shown that about 65% were satisfied with functionality of biogas digesters and sufficient gas produced for domestic use, 25% of households were disappointed by functionality of their plants while 10% of households, their plants were not in operational at all. Some reasons highlighted behind failures were inadequate substrate to feed the plant (cowdung and water), In other cases some households owning biogas digesters couldn’t give any reason behind its failure when it comes to the technical part where fault might have been done by masons during construction. (Bedi, Pellegrini, and Tasciotti 2015). According to Rwanda Energy Group-National Domestic Biogas Program (REG-NDBP), 78.3% of fixed dome bio-digesters plants and 47% fiber glass bio-digesters plants were found in operation country wide by 2015. There are availability of repair and maintenance services provided by district field technicians to the households. (Gloria V, Claude, et al. 2015).


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