The abuse along with the availability of deadly

The University of Guyana organized a Panel with aims of explaining the High Suicide Rate in the Country. They found that the significant factors contributing to this high rate were relationship issues, political conflicts, poverty, crime etc. Statistics reveal Indo-Guyanese account for 80% of suicides, despite making up just 40% of the population in the six-race nation. Most are aged 15 to 34, with almost four men to each female. Poisoning by agricultural pesticides accounts for 65% of these cases. Suicide is particularly prevalent in Guyana’s rural agricultural communities.

Many Indo-Guyanese are farmers so they have easy access to lethal pesticides. Health professionals have brought attention to areas of deep poverty, where alcohol abuse along with the availability of deadly substances has contributed majorly to suicides in particularly rural areas. Also pointed at is the fact that many poor farmers in rural areas have access to specific herbicides and pesticides, making them more prone to suicidal behavior.

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