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The United Kingdom(UK) is a European country, which is consisted of the diverse territorial estate remaining four major sections, England, Scotland, Wales including the Northern Ireland. Geographically, the United Kingdom has power position and natural resources to carry out its sovereignty. Its absolute location gives it advancement geographically. The United Kingdom surrounded by the sea is another chance to collect the natural resources, which helps the economic wheel of it. The UK belongs to comfortable weather due to having its position surrounded by the sea. The boundary of the UK also belongs to natural resources like oil, gas, coal and including iron ore.

It plays a significant role in the country regarding population, management system, government system by practicing democracy that is known as good-governance. Because of having a market oriented economy and capitalization, the UK performs an outstanding role on economic power which remains economic growth and the socioeconomic development for the standard living life of the people in the UK. INTRODUCTIONThe geographical position is a key factor in the economic and natural resource potential of the country. The United Kingdom is identified as an island state positioned on the British Isles, at the northwestern coast of continental Europe. All the parts of Great Britain, i.

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e. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are differences in the national configuration of the population, have their own history and of course their own geographical features. Apartness of the UK from the continent is an important feature of its geographical location. Great Britain constantly took part in different European wars, but throughout already nine centuries it hasn’t experienced any foreign invasion (since 1066). The country safely uses all of the profitable advantages of the close location to the most developed countries of Western Europe, as well as opportunities of the World Ocean.

This term paper will examine the geographical significance of the United Kingdom. We will describe the geographical strategies such as area, location, sea access, history, government system, environmental concern, region, religion, culture, and other issues regarding United Kingdom such as security threat, position in global politics, acceptance, and penetration of international bodies in the decision making process.The second half of the twentieth century has affected the country, and the economic – geographical position of the UK has changed. This work will show the benefits of the geographical position of Britain.METHODOLOGYThis paper on “the Geographical Significance of the United Kingdom” has been made with the help of secondary data, which includes journals, books by the Analyst, reports, the Journals, articles and reports, online PDF books also and others.

The most of the data of this term paper have maintained on the basis of qualitative and descriptive method. This term paper has been made by the group works along with the help of every member of the group.


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