The all the tourists cannot avail air

The tourist should be offered safe, fast, convenient and economic transport services. Since all the tourists cannot avail air services, the railways and roadways are required to develop planned way.

The schedule and speed should be maintained. The number of visitors to a country also depends on the ease with which tourists are able to obtain Visas and sail through immigration procedures. At Muscat international airport immigration procedures are being modernised to cut the wait for travellers. To speed up the processing of registration and to take care of security of the travellers electronic gates are installed. Travellers’ look for speed and maximum time utilization in the airport, clean washrooms, seating availability, and prices charged at food and beverage outlets, and how helpful the airport staffs are.The transport operators should behave properly, so that the tourists are motivated.

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The seating arrangements should be comfortable. The drivers and the conductors and other window staff should behave properly. At any cost, there should not be any compromise with the safety principles.

It is important to mention that the inadequate airline capacity is critical bottle neck in are travel to and fro India, particularly during peak season. Charters not only augment air capacity but also help in promoting new destinations. This necessitates adequate attention for upgrading transporting facilities, in important tourist centres.Food and crafts


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