The Total Ammunition Management Information System (TAMIS)

The Total Ammunition Management Information System (TAMIS) is the U.S. Army application that manages conventional munitions for wartime, training, and testing operations across the U.S. Armed Forces—the Army, Reserve and National Guard, Marine Corps, as well as the Navy and Air Force when operating on Army installations.

and calculating expended munitions. TAMIS supports the Army and ammunition managers by ensuring that requirements, authorizations, and expenditures are accurate, visible, available, and usable when needed. It allows users to forecast and request ammunition and to access information without wait time for processing and dissemination. The TAMIS framework is scalable and hierarchical. It is a Web-based application in which each command manages its ammunition independently of other commands.

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Its centralized management and decentralized execution result in a common operational picture and improved flexibility throughout the command hierarchy.Updating the Standard Army


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