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The Top 15 Interesting Essay Topics on SocietyFor centuries, society has been playing an important role in everyone’s life. One may look at society from different angles and consider it as a dictator of beauty and morals, promoter of happiness and success or healthy lifestyle and self-development. Here you may find good essay topics for your paper concerning society:1) What social processes take place in society? Cooperation, conflicts and competition as constituents of human relationships.2) Describe types of relationships in society. Define and tell the difference between blood relationship, economic relationship, political relationship, social relationship and religious relationship.

3) Connection between social media, television, networks and people. How these can wrap people around their fingers. Problems of dictating and deciding what is right, visually desirable and attractive.

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4) The problem of violence in society. How to fight child abuse and violence against women? Possibilities of finding solution.5) Positive trends in society. Progress in Medicine. Environment issues: water and air cleaning, recycling, water conservation, alternative energy. Wellness. Its impact on people’s life.

6) Negative trends in society. The existence of youth unemployment, crimes, regulation of civic lives, pollution. 7) An addicted society. Kinds of addiction: drugs, cigarettes, coffee, food. How do people become addicted? Ways of struggling them.

8) Generation gap. The difference between three age groups: the elder people, people of middle age and the younger ones. The appearance of misunderstandings.

How to solve this “problem”?9) Technologies and society. What are positive and negative effects of technology on humanity in general? Does scientific and technological process change our lifestyle?10) The existence of discrimination. Forms of discrimination: slavery, anti-Semitism, racial and women discrimination. Cause and effects of discrimination. How are people supposed to cope with it?11) Fashion and beauty trends. Does fashion and beauty plays an important role in our lives? Fashion as means of self-expression. Why does the society ‘accept’ only those who look good and fashionable?12) Society as a creator of stereotypes, standards and norms. Beauty standards: how “to fit in” and is it necessary at all.

Stereotypes play the role of instruction how to act, live and behave when it comes to our personality, gender and nationality.13) Gender issue: equality and inequality. Public views on gender change.14) The roles of subcultures in society. Similarities and differences between them. The reason for creation and existence.15) Educated society.

The necessity to be educated in modern society.To make your essay distinctive among others, it is necessary to choose persuasive essay topics. Not less important is to choose the right type of essay. The most interesting one is argumentative essay, where some investigation and collecting of information is required.

If you have never been writing such type of paper work, you may look up for some tips on how to do it. Reading a few argumentative essay examples would give you a full understanding of how it should be written.25 Most Persuasive Essay Topics on TattooNowadays, tattoos are becoming more and more popular especially among young population.

There have always been those who accept them and those who find tattoos unacceptable. Making a tattoo has become a mainstream during a last few years. Therefore, it is really worth attention. It is an interesting topic for a paper work. In the following list you can find 25 good topics to use in essay:1) The history of tattoo art.

What for were used tattoos and what was their initial meaning?2) Tattoo art as means of self-expression.3) Safety and risks of making tattoos.4) What evokes the desire in human mind to make a tattoo?5) Is it necessary to tattoo oneself to stand out in a crowd?6) The importance of making the right choice when tattooing. The choice of tattoo and a tattoo master.7) Classification of tattoos. The diversity of tattoo styles and types: Asian, Tribal, Old school, Biomechanical and so on.8) What do tattoos symbolize? What message does the tattoo you have chosen carry?9) Tattoo art as one of forms of body modification.10) The process and methods of tattooing.

11) Advantages and disadvantages of having tattoo.12) Temporary tattoos as alternative to permanent ones. How they are made, their duration and safety.13) Possibilities of tattoo removal. Is it possible to completely get rid of tattoo?14) Expenses and feeling of pain in return of desirable tattoo. 15) Religion and tattoos. Against or for.

Its interpretation of tattoos.16) Reasons why employers do not hire people with tattoos.17) How does tattoo influence one’s life choices and does it limit opportunities?18) Why so many people do not accept tattoos?19) Tattooed body as a protest to society.20) Instructions for tattoo aftercare. Moisturize your skin and use sunscreen when sunbathing.

21) The connection between tattoos and evil spirits.22) Tattoos and stereotypes existing nowadays and in ancient times.23) Why parents are usually against the decision of their children to make a tattoo?24) Reasons for regretting having done a tattoo.25) Ways of solution the problem when tattoo master failed to make a tattoo.

To write a notable essay you should choose a topic, which you would cover fully and with ease. Those that will definitely catch eye of a reader are presented above. The best way to express your opinion is to write an argumentative essay, where your aim is to express your arguments. If it is your first essay, then argumentative essay examples will help you to cope with this task.


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