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The Tomb of Hafez in Iran is an eye captivating structure. The building is a beautiful piece of architecture that includes an admirable mosaic. The mosaic is colorful, mainly filled with pastel colors such as blues, reds, and yellows. Blue is the most dominant color throughout the mosaic. The blue makes up mainly the hard lines throughout the mosaic as well as the outline of some parts. Along with the colors of the mosaic, the shapes within the piece of art is important to consider. Within each piece of the mosaic, there are circles. For each circle, there is a blue center, a yellow middle that resembles a sun, and the very outside of the circle is black. In between circles, there are red circles to create a sense of wholeness to the piece. Some pieces may vary, but the idea remains the same. All of these pieces create a sense of togetherness. This means that when you look at the piece as a whole, it looks complete. Another interesting detail about the piece is that you have to look up to see it, this creates a sense of divineness. Additionally, when you look up at the sky, it is usually blue. This creates a connection between color and structure. Looking up at the mosaic and seeing blues and yellows reminds people of looking up at the sky.


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