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The role ofan Occupational Therapist is to help patients maintain or improve their dailylife activities, whether it is related to their occupation, lifestyle, orcertain type of disability.  Occupationaltherapists assess and determine different treatment plans. They also help plan andset goals for their patients to work towards in order to live a more productiveand satisfying life.

OccupationalTherapy is exceptionally different today compared to over one hundred yearsago. In the beginning stages of the Occupational Therapy profession, whichoriginated from the arts and crafts movement and the moral treatment movement, itwas thought that the use of arts and crafts was a therapeutic approach for thetreatment of body and mind because work was better than idleness. There was noparticular training for Occupational Therapists during this time. During WorldWar I and II, soldiers returning with injuries needed assistance in order toreturn to their daily lives. As stated in the videos provided, a rehabilitationmovement began and occupational services were now being recognized by the armedforces.

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By the 1950’s, Occupational Therapy developed by including vocationaltraining, as well as therapy programs. Development of new drugs and vaccineschanged the focus on long term rehabilitation. Occupational Therapy continuedto develop and became recognized as a profession, which then introduceduniversity programs with opportunities to improve and grow, along with morepersonal types of care to patients. In today’s society, the advancements ofscience and technology have also helped to expand methods of treatmentsignificantly. Clinical settings and different methods of care have alsoincreased, as the need for Occupational Therapy continues to grow.

I think thatwhen Grandma’s friend was an OT in 1953, the profession of Occupational Therapywas just starting to become of high demand, and was being recognized as abeneficial therapy especially in the 1950’s when WWII veterans were returningback to their civilian lives. Occupational Therapy became so much more thanarts and crafts.  Awareness soonincreased which created more jobs and more outlooks on different types oftherapies and different ways to promote independence and self-care.


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