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The Three Sisters farming techniques had been used to create squash, corn, and beats. “The rich diet provided by this environmentally clever farming technique produced some of the highest population densities on the continent among them the Creek, Choctaw, and Cherokee peoples. This had allowed for a surplus of food allowing for more available jobs since everyone didn’t have to farm. “In more settled agricultural groups, women tended the crops while men hunted, fished, gathered fuel,and cleared fields for planting. This pattern of life frequently conferred substantial authority on women, and many North American native peoples, including the Iroquois, developed matrilineal cultures, in which power and possessions passed down the female side of the family line.” Planting corn had reached the early Americans and had substantially “molded the Pueblo Culture.” When corn had reached the other parts of America, it had been reflected in the way of the poorly molded societies. When corn had reached the mound builders of what is today Ohio, “The mounds builders…did sustain some large settlements after the incorporation of corn planting into their ways of life…”


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