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The texts of both “Nothing Gold Can Stay” and “Dust of Snow” show our relationship with nature and human nature and characteristics. There are multiple differences between these two poems such as the conflict involving mother nature and human nature. Both had something positively and negatively happen to them, which sums up a huge difference between them.In “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” it shows the loss of innocence between two things that involve Eden and Gold. Robert Frost shows in this poem that innocence will fade away and that it won’t last forever in this world. He also introduces gold which represents someone’s childhood and a leaf which subsides to a leaf, it means a human losing his/her innocence as they grow into adults. Eden represents the grief that has a meaning to a child losing his/her innocence, and gold becomes a different object when you lose your childhood.

To better understand it means to that they are losing their innocence and how they change into different people.In “Dust of Snow,” it represents a person or figure changing his state of mind for the good. Comparing these two poems, “Dust of Snow” has more vivid words and is more understanding by a person that has gone through a specific type of conflict or problem in life that they’ll understand the poem better compared to “Nothing Gold Can Stay” where it’s more for simple people who can understand the message of the poem clearly.

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“Dust of Snow” contains a darker tone compared to the other poem which creates a lighter mood for a younger audience to understand.The themes of the poems are completely different as one poem goes from positive to negative and the other goes from negative to positive. The theme of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is about losing innocence and changing and forming to an adult.

The theme of “Dust of Snow” consists of a figure with a change of heart because something or someone helped him realize that there was something he was doing that was incorrect and some powerful force helped him realize it. The rhyming pattern is also different as “Nothing Gold Can Stay” consists of an AABBCCDD pattern and “Dust of Snow” is just ABAB. Also comparing style of the poems, they are completely different as in one being more about a fantasy and the other being mysterious and nostalgic. The setting is also in a completely different place. The tone of these two are still different as “Dust of Snow” is gloomy and dark and “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is like an awakening of adulthood which is losing ones innocence in an amazing place to a more realistic setting. “Nothing Gold Can Stay” has very simple words such as flower, gold, and leaves unlike “Dust of Snow” where there are words that are complex and difficult to understand which leaves the audience clueless or maybe curious. In the end, both poems are different in a lot of terms but they both are great poems to read and understand in class.


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