The materials provided, the concept of sustainable

The term sustainability means the practices that are usually concerned with the means to support and nurture the human life within the limits of the available renewable resource excluding the environmental degradation. It can also be defined as the study of how the natural system function remains diverse and produce the basic needs for the ecological balance. According to the reading materials provided, the concept of sustainable society is a broad discipline that gives students and graduates insights into most aspects of the human world from business to technology, to the environment and finally to the social science (Griggs, Stafford-Smith and Gaffney 306). The practice of sustainability in our lifestyles acknowledges that the human civilization and takes resources to sustain our modern way of life. Speaking of modern life, the current technologies are largely self-renewing in their basic operations by making use of the on-site resources, renewable energy, internal recycling and the biological processes. I have also learned that in the sustainable society, there are several examples throughout the human history where civilization had damaged its own environment and extremely affected its survival chances.

This is highly reflected in Jared Diamond book that explores the topic “Collapse: How Complex Societies Choose to Fail or Survive”. Nevertheless, I believe that the practice of sustainability lifestyle considers how the people might live in harmony with the natural world around them while protecting it from serious damage and destruction. In addition, my desirability on a sustainable lifestyle is that it provides core skills to graduates especially in the modern world, that aims to drastically reduce the carbon emission by discovering and developing the technologies of the future (Dempsey, Bramley and Power 290). This lifestyle is broad and highly applicable as it also draws on economics, politics, and philosophy including other social science and hard science. Moreover, the sustainability skills and the environmental awareness is also applicable to various commercial jobs at the graduate level and overhead as the business sector seeks to adhere to new legislation. In deep context, I agree with the several claims made in the paper, “Full employment and environmental sustainability”. This paper emphasizes on creating job opportunities using the environmental conditions and making use of what nature provides.

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In this criterion, the practice of sustainability in the society provides various job opportunities to the graduates into various fields of study. Some of these field application jobs may include agriculture, environmental consultancy, business strategies civic planning, law and decision making, and not forgetting the health assessment and planning (Loorbach 170). These job opportunities are developing with the ongoing technological discoveries; hence the entry job sectors are developing for the future. This encourages the bachelor’s graduates to expect more options and more opportunities in their various course of study and prepares them for a career in sustainability. In addition, the exercise sustainable society is one of the modern subjects that attempts to bridge in the social science with civil engineering and on environmental science with the future technology. I have learned that not only the general thought of the term sustainability to be the act of reducing carbon emission, neither protecting the environment nor as a way of keeping the delicate ecosystems in balance but it aims to protect our environment, driving innovations, improving human and ecological health and not targeting on compromising our ways of life. The above notion of sustainability is highly comparable to another paper that I read on sustainability. I agree with the claims made on the paper on “The Future of Sustainability Re-thinking and Development in the Twenty-first Century”.

This paper predicts the consequences of practicing sustainability lifestyle (Griggs, Stafford-Smith and Gaffney 307). It ventures positive values of sustainability with the emerging technologies and the improvement of older and cleaner sources of fuel since many people always look forward to a post-fossil fuel world in business. In the previous years, the world has experienced an extraordinary growth with intensive farming, technological revolutions and a great increase in power consumption by applying more pressure and strains on the earth’s resources.

These practices led to both humans caused and natural disasters and their effects on both human populations and their ecosystems. This puts into account the development of new and cleaner technologies that are environmentally friendly to cope with the society’s’ energy demands. For instance, some of the hugest social activism foundations that are related to the social development of the sustainability sector include programs like the Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance. These programs aim at encouraging food farming practices. This is made possible making sure that the farmers who produce the luxury goods such as the cocoa and coffee receive a decent living wage (Dempsey, Bramley and Power 295). Moreover, in the future perspective, the activists and sustainability professionals specifically hope to eradicate various trade barriers in the future to benefit the society. This action will also contribute to the commercial and social development essential of the sustainability by promoting better environmental practices. Sustainability and the sustainable development emphasize on balancing the fine boundary between the competing needs (The needs to move forward technologically and economically) and the needs to protect our environment.

However, I came to think that the practice of sustainability relies on three distinct pillars. First and foremost, the thought of economic development truly affects most businesses and jobs in the society. It is always about the provision of incentives for a business and any other organizations to adhere to the sustainability strategies beyond the normal legislative necessities (Loorbach 167). This can also be one by encouraging and fostering incentives for the average person to do on when and where they can manage. However, the supply and demand market in the consumerist in nature and a modern life that really requires many resources each day.

In a deep sense, economic development for sustainability is all about giving the society what they want without compromising the quality of life. The other applicable pillar of sustainability is social development. This relies on the awareness of and the lawmaking protection of the health of the society and any other harmful activities of businesses and other organizations. It can be done by the maintenance of access to the basic resources without compromising the quality of life. Another element of the social development is education (Griggs, Stafford-Smith and Gaffney 306). The presence awareness encourages the society to participate in the environmental sustainability and teach them about the effect of the environmental protection by cautioning of the dangers of not achieving the set goals. Eventually, the last applicable pillar of sustainability is the environmental protection.

This is a primary concern for the future of humanity. It truly reflects on how the society should study and aim to protect the ecosystems, integrity, air quality and the sustainability of our resources by concentrating on the things that place stress on the environment. Environmental protection also concerns on how the technology drives the society’s greener future. Moreover, developing technology and biotechnology is the key to prosperous sustainability. These criteria protect the environment of the expected future from the potential damage and destructions that the technological advances could potentially convey.


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