The Political pressure and military intervention needs

The Syrian Refugees in JordanCarolangel Zorrilla
Middlesex Community College

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

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-Jimi Hendrix

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Keywords: Syrian refugees, Syria, Jordan, War, Camps, Hunger, Equality, Freedom, Education, Health, Human rights, Policies, Change, Poverty, Syrian Civil war, Asylum seekers, Peace, Federalism, Change, Policy, Isis, Arab Spring, activism, Protest, Fairness, Equality.

The Syrian Refugees in Jordan
Zorrilla Carolangel, 2018
Carolangel Zorrilla
Prof. Gamache
English 2
Syrian Refugees
The American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter Jimi Hendrix once quoted, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. During the last seven years the Syrian conflict between Syria, civilians and protestors have brought upon the world one of the largest humanitarian crisis. Political pressure and military intervention needs to be implied to be able to fight against the current regime of President Assad. In addition, his presence has brushed a nation and its people off its feet bringing upon them a wave of destruction and misfortune. To fix this problem, sets of new rules and policies are needed to have an effective and efficient end of the current state in which many refugees reside in. My paper will focus on the Syrian refugees in Jordan and furthermore find solutions and policies that would help make the lives of the refugees in these camps better. By focusing on youth’s education, empowerment and health will provide new opportunities to the population meanwhile enhancing the quality of their mental state.

Based on the journal article by Devakumar et al., (2015), from the Institute of Global Health, University College London, Devakumar’s study found that the Syrian war began on January 2011 as a civil uprising on the back of the Arab Spring movements throughout the Middle-East and North Africa, which later brought revelation against the presidency of Bashar Assad, the person responsible for the war conflict going on now there. The rebellion group Arab spring was triggered when 26-year-old Mohamed Bouazizi sat himself on fire while marching along a government building. His intentions were to protest against police brutality after he was publicly humiliated by a policeman. All because he needed to sell fruits and vegetables on the streets to provide for his family, although he didn’t have a permit to do so. “His act of desperation” as (NPR Staff, 2011) mentioned on their radio segment, is what made a difference in the demands of democracy today. His actions helped to spread awareness and bring more attention against the corruption acts that were going on in the under the rule of Assad’s regimen throughout Syria (NPR Staff, 2011). His dictatorship and ambition for more power over the Syrian cities started an outrage of violence, chaos and destructions in the streets of Syria. Resulting in the killings of thousands of innocent people, leaving millions misplaced without a home. The rebellion against the country’s officials escalated very rapidly, bringing the country to slowly descend into a civil war that is still going on today. The United Nations Security Council on the “Children and armed conflict”?collected data on August 2013 that showed approximately 11,500 children were killed, noting the higher increase rate in killings from the previous year Devakumar et al., (2015).
Throughout the uproar of this civil war, deadly weapons such as chemical attacks, aircraft drop bombs, machine guns and many others are used to fight against protestors and rebels going against the rule of president Assad. The lives of numerable mothers and children have been taken away, homes have been destructed, hospitals torn down, leaving no sign of humanity in these cities. The war has led to many other problems such as poverty, lack of health, malnutrition, homelessness, diseases and trauma Devakumar et al., (2015).
The gray area for me is not understanding why the lives of so many innocent people are being sacrificed when a war should be two ended without involving others in the process. It is also unclear to me why the country officials are not doing enough to stop these atrocities. The people’s wellbeing, mental state nor their safety are being prioritized or looked after by their country. Social media has taken a stand towards this issue by creating hashtags to promote awareness and attention towards this issue. Hashtags such as, “#SaveSyria” “#PrayForSyria” “#Syria” “#StopSyrianGenocide” were spread around social medias such as twitter and Instagram and Facebook, bringing more people together on this issue. On twitter, one of the many people who protest against this issue stated “Increasing vulnerability, poverty and desperation in exile are among the reasons why some Syrian refugees return home” InfoMigrants (2018). People have found ways to express their concern towards this issue through poetry, protest paintings and photograph. For example, Alatrash, G. (2013) a Syrian refugee and survivor of war that communicates her experiences and thoughts through poems. There are many ways to protest the wrong doings of a country, but all unite and agree that this is a phenomenon that goes against life’s nature, peace.
This issue relates to the present moment because it is affecting so many people across the globe. Many countries continue to struggle with being at peace with its people. Even if this war is not going on around you, is affects us all as a society. A lot has been proposed to decrease the war between the two opposing sides of government and its people. Mary organizations have suggested possible solutions to decrease crime and rates of deaths, but most of them have been turned down. For example, Security Council, ; United Nations (2018) on the “Procedural Vote Blocks Holding of Security Council Meeting on Human Rights Situation in Syria, Briefing by High Commissioner” discussed reasons why a meeting wasn’t necessary to deal with the humanitarian crisis issue going on in Syria since it wasn’t a part of the Council’s agenda. As with many other petitions to make this war easier on its citizens, many have been pushed aside, but there’s still hope that one day someone makes the decision to put an end on the indiscriminate attacks to the civilians living in that country. In result of Syria being confronted by the Arab Spring protestors, and other oppositions like Isis, Syria had become allies with Russia, bringing in more military support to fight against Isis, (Islamic State). Ibrahim, A. (2017) found the following: “Al-Qaeda in Iraq, the group that later became ISIS, broke with al-Qaeda in 2013, after its militants entered northern Syria without permission from the umbrella group’s notional international leadership. Initially it was beaten back by an alliance of al-Nusra and other Salafist groups, but by mid-2013 it had captured Raqqa–and a year later, it announced the creation of an Islamic State spanning areas of both Syria and Iraq.” ISIS has become a greater threat to the republic meaning more people are in danger around places where they held their activism.
Activists like Mohamed Bouazizi have made a difference in the lives of many people by bringing awareness to the lack of human rights in Syria, and in his case, it meant finding a solution to his problem one way or the other. Many others have found ways to bring awareness to what it feels like being the result of the war, a perfect example would be Ghada Alatrash. Alatrash is a refugee poet and translator from Syria currently living in Canada. She speaks on her experience as a war survivor and refugee. Her poems focus on the hardships of children she
has witness suffer in Syria. Many of the children that Alatrash speaks about have been ones who wonder and walk around the cities that had been destroyed by the war between the rebels and the Syrian government. She turns her bad experiences into lessons by creating poems to express the voice of the silenced, (Alatrash, 2013) stated “Poetry is pressed into a different kind of service.” Being a refugee can make a person express themselves differently, especially when they’ve lived under such harsh conditions.
In addition to protest art, poems and activism, many people have found ways to help the Syrian population inside and outside of camps of nearby Syrian countries. Organizations like the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) which are a non-governmental organization who focus on assisting refugees by creating programs to aid camps like the Za’atari Camp in Jordan. They’ve recently created a program called the OASIS where they help women and girls achieve skills such as creating arts and crafts, communicating what effects them among many other helpful activities (UNFPA & Levesque, 2012). In fact, the (UNFPA & Levesque, 2012) quoted “The oasis becomes an entry point for UNFPA and its partners to help women who may have been victims of sexual violence during the conflict or facing domestic violence at home. It also offers an opportunity to address other issues, such as early marriage.”. I find that organizations like these are essential to help heal and strengthen communities such as these because it helps build better environments for victims, it helps reach out a larger audience through charities but most importantly, it serves to change a person’s life overall.
Although there has been many organizations, nonprofits and NGOs who have proposed to help the Syrian refugee population, there is plenty of more that needs to be done and get fixed. Author Maria Von Welser writes her book on the story of a mother whom like many others, have struggled through the journey of fleeing their homes. She makes an emphasis on what mothers and their children deal with when crossing over to other countries, including rape, kidnapping, child marriage and sex slavery. also, how she noticed the lesser number of mothers and children arriving from Syria to the European shores boatloads. In her book she states, “where were the mothers and children who she knew made up over half the population of refugee camps?” (Welser, 2017, p. 137). She couldn’t find the answer for this causation since there were too many factors that could possibly affect this to be, but one thing she did know for sure, and it was that woman and children were the most affected when it came to be a refugee from Syria since they were an easier target to each of the possible causation (Welser, 2017, p.137).
There are many factors that contribute to the continuance of the Syrian war and all the effect that it has on its population. A set of new rules would have to be implied to change the way the entire Syrian population is driven. I personally believe that toxic attitudes, lack of humanity, education and economics are the chain of causation to this problem. I propose to dig down to the root of the problem and that is to remove all possible threat to the Syrian civilization off its chairs, President Assad and its entire regimen, the people responsible for bringing so many toxic decisions upon the country. Before anything, to be able to start working on a solution all affiliations of military help that the Syrian government gets needs to be cut. Secondly, ramping up current propositions of solutions that have been summited by the United nations need to be considered and passed since this would only benefit the wellbeing of millions of people that are currently being affected by the war. With this change of rules, the lack of humanitarian work would decrease within the camp community. In addition to this, education would become more accessible for the youth and those who need it. Beyond all of this, the way in which camps and cities would progress would be if there was a balance in their economy. Creating jobs, volunteering jobs, humanitarian clubs or any sort of job that would contribute to the economy which would create an ongoing cycle of progress for the people and its government. Finally, a set of new rules that would allow other national institutions to control any type pf inter relations within the existent federation if they were to remain in power. These rules would primarily focus on the safety and health of the Syrians, I believe this will change how Syrians views their country’s presidency. It will create a fair and transparent relationship between the state and its people.

Alatrash, G. (2013, October 12). Take a peek into Syria through the poetry spurred by its war Speech transcript. Retrieved April 28, 2018, from Public Radio International website:
Poet and translator Ghada Alatrash’s speaks on her experience as a war survivor and refugee. Her poems focus on the hardships of children she has witness suffer in Syria. Many of the children that Alatrash speaks about have been ones who wonder and walk around the cities that have been destroyed by the war.Ghada Alatrash is a refugee and survivor and is someone experienced on the Syrian war since she has been there herself. My paper will include different types of ways that protesters bring awareness to the subject and how important their actions are to shape society. 
Brunetti, D. (2013, October). Night flight. New Internationalist, (466), 42+. Retrieved from
In the Magazine New Internationalist from the database Global Issues, the author focuses on the humanitarian issues of the young teens whom travel long distances to get to the Jordan refugee camps. Through his journalism he uncovers the struggles of the victims affected by the war going on in Syria.David Brunetti is an award-winning London-based photojournalist, he wrote for the known New Internationalist magazine, making him qualified to write about the refugees and their living conditions. In the beginning of his investigation Brunetti interviews mothers, young boys and girls who cross the Jordan border seeking safety. In my research paper i will be writing about the needs of families and what they have to go through to get to a place where they can feel safe.

Charles, L., & Denman, K. (2013). Syrian and Palestinian Syrian refugees in Lebanon: the plight of women and children. Journal of International Women’s Studies, 14(5), 96+. Retrieved from;sid=GIC;xid=1352dba3
In this journal Article, Charles Lorraine, and Kate Denman focus on investigating the plight of Syrian and Palestinian Syrian refugees in Lebanon with an emphasis on women and children. Throughout the article Charles and Denman explain how violence is now conducted since the change of environment these people are exposed to. They also discuss the lack of access to education that the children and adults have in Lebanon, mainly focusing on the short and long-term effects that reflect on the children forgoing education. Lorraine Charles is a lecturer and researcher at Khlaifa University in Abu Dhabi, and Kate Denman works in an NGO in Tanzania. She has lived and worked in Syria for 3 extended years now. They are editors for the Journal of International Women’s Studies making them qualified to write about opinions and suggestions on social issues and the environmental effects on people. My study will discuss similar arguments and issues on how education and health is all interconnected in the success of a person’s life. 
Chemali, Z., Smati, H., Johnson, K., Borba, C. P. C., ; Fricchione, G. L. (2018). Reflections from the Lebanese field: “First, heal thyself”. Conflict and Health, 12(1). Retrieved from;sid=GIC;xid=10e6b092
In this Journal Article, Zeina examines field interventions throughout the Syrian refugee’s crisis in Lebanon. Zeina, with the help of other journalists, seek for potential policy suggestions and next steps that could possibly improve the effectiveness of the crisis going on. They cover two main principles that aim to help the people ease their trauma. These are, stress management training and other methods that can provide public health intervention.Zeina Chemali is the main editor of this journal which is sponsored by BioMed Central Ltd, a very well-known trustworthy bio-science journal publisher company. Making her an experienced journalist. I will be using this article to help be build my claim on how and what treatment models are the most appropriate for the most affected by the war. 
Chung, M. C., AlQarni, N., Al Muhairi, S., & Mitchell, B. (2017). The relationship between trauma centrality, self-efficacy, posttraumatic stress and psychiatric co-morbidity among Syrian refugees: Is gender a moderator? Journal of Psychiatric Research, 94, 107. Retrieved from
In this peer reviewed journal article, Chung, Man Cheung along with his peers examined the inter-relationship between trauma centrality, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychiatric co-morbidity among a group of Syrian refugees living in Turkey. They questioned whether gender would moderate the mediational effect of self-efficacy. They created a questionnaire for seven hundred and ninety-two to gather information on their general health and interesting results came in.An experienced journalist, chartered Scientist and psychologist, Chung, Man Cheung is aware of the conditions in which the refugees live in, considering the backgrounds and their experiences with war he focuses on the effects it all has on the psychological perspective. My research will use information from psychological tests and questionnaire like these to see how the human brain interacts with their traumatic events.   
Devakumar, D., Birch, M., Rubenstein, L. S., Osrin, D., Sondorp, E., & Wells, J. C. K. (2015). Child health in Syria: recognising the lasting effects of warfare on health. Conflict and Health, 9(32). Retrieved from
In this Journal Article, Devakumar, D with the help of other writers uncover the truth behind the war in Syria. His research focuses on the most effected by the war which are the children. In this study, Devakumar reviews the Immediate effects on child health, Long-term health effects and Inter-generational health effects which are all interconnected due to the trauma gathered from the war.Devakumar, D researches and writes for the Institute for Global Health, a Non-profit organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This makes his work credible and reliable to use. My research on this topic will discuss the outcomes of war in later generations and how much this effect and shapes a society. 
Gratz, A. (2017). Refugee. Scholastic Incorporation.

In this book of nonfiction, the author Alan Gratz writes on the tying connections of 3 children whom stories are similar because they were all separated by war in their countries. The story tells the journey of a Jewish boy living in the 1930’s, Nazi Germany, Isabel, a Cuban girl trying to escape the riots and unrest plaguing her country in 1994 and Mahmoud, a Syrian boy in 2015 whose homeland is torn apart by violence and destruction. All separated by continents and decades, they embark on harrowing journeys in search of refuge in other countries.Alan Gratz is the author of fourteen novels making him a qualified writer. His experience in writing novels gives him the opportunity to spread knowledge on topics that have affected many people throughout history. I will be using this book on the stories of these three children to bring different perspectives of the same idea of refuge being manifested in the lives of children with different culture backgrounds.  
Hendrix, J. (n.d.). When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace Illustration. Retrieved from
This is an image illustration born digital, Jimmy Hendrix’s wise words on power, love and happiness became a powerful quote. This quote stayed me the second I read it. and it relates to what many societies are struggling with today.I will be using his quote to open up my paper on the cover page. 
Hundreds killed near Damascus in bombing campaign by Syrian government. (2018, February 22). NBC Nightly News. Retrieved from
In this online radio Newspaper, the NBC Nightly News report bombing campaigns where hundreds of children were being targeted and killed. This report shows Syrian activists blaming the government for the bombings on homes and clinics. The Newspaper outlet shows the public the reason why families are desperately fleeing out from their hometowns.NBC Nightly News is a very well-known news outlet therefore it makes this a qualified source to get information from. My study will discuss the effects that the war in Syria has on families, specially mothers and children. 
Ibrahim, A. (2017). ENDING THE SYRIAN CIVIL WAR: IS THERE A FEDERAL SOLUTION? Geopolitics, History, and International Relations, 9(2), 141+. Retrieved from
In this Journal Article by Ibrahim, A., suggests many federal solution as the least bad option for Syria. Inside these regulations are solutions such as offers to help eliminate ISIS. Ibrahim also suggests ways in which security various confessional groups rule sectarian lines. He makes very important points in which Syrian civil war could come to an end. his arguemets around Isis and Russia help the readers understand more about the issues and affiliations between these three. Dr. Azeem Ibrahim is a Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College and a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Global Policy in Washington. This makes his writing credible and resourceful. His arguments on The Syrian war will help support and wrap up my argument on possible solutions that could really bring the Syrian crisis to an end. 
InfoMigrants. (2018, 03 17). Increasing vulnerability, poverty and desperation in exile are among the reasons why some Syrian refugees return home #Syrianrefugees #Syrianwar #refugees #Syria… Tweet. Retrieved from
Twitter, an online news and social networking service where people use hashtags in forms of protest. In his tweet, InfoMigrants makes his message clear upon bringing awareness to Syria and its ongoing crisis. InfoMigrants brings awareness to the suffrage the Syrian community is facing. The protester InfoMigrants, points out a group of people who were heading back to their home towns where war is happening because of thepoor conditions they lived in the camps. knowing they were walking back to a war zone, they decided to leave the refugee camps anyway.This protest tweet will help me build my argument around the outcomes of the war going on there. It will also include the harsh decisions that many have to take during times like these. 
KidsRights. (2018, March 26). BREAKING: New KidsRights Report reveals the alarming decline in access to education for Syrian refugee children, and international donor community and host countries falling drastically short of commitments Tweet. Retrieved from
This is a source I found through Twitter, The KidsRights foundation informs us about the decline in accessibility to education that Syrian kids are facing every day. Education is the foundation of growth and freedom; therefore, it is something no one should be deprived from.The KidsRights Foundation is an international children’s aid and advocacy organisation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Making this a trustworthy foundation when gathering information from. My paper will discuss the importance of the right to education and possible solutions that can help out achieve more through charities such as these.

kidsrights. (2018, March 27). kidsrights report reveals the alarming decline in access to education for syrian refugee children. Retrieved April 30, 2018, from KIdsRighhts Foundation website:
The KidsRights in a Nongovernmental organization that focuses in helping the Syrian population and other kids in need around the world. They create programs where children and mothers can enroll to accomplish they needs. KidsRights works with children to create a world in which their rights are guaranteed, and they are enabled to realize their great potential.The kids rights are recognizable organization and are well known for their broad charities. Making them a reliable source to gather information from and trustworthy to donate to. I will be using organizations such as these to support my argument about what is being done for the Syrian population in need.

NPR Staff (Writer). (2011, December 17). The Arab Spring: A Year of Revolution Radio episode. In All Things Considered. Retrieved from
In this Radio station segment, NPR Radio station described the incident of the 28-year-old Mohamed Bouazizi, a protest that sat himself on fire after an encounter with policeman where he was treated unfairly. His form of protest against the government started what is now called the Arab Spring protest wave which later lead to the rebellion towards president Assad regime.NPR is a mission-driven, multimedia news organization and radio program producer. It is a network with a strong base of member stations and supporters nationwide. Making them a reliable source go gather information from, especially in this case where confrontations like these are happening more and more in other countries. In my paper i will be including ways in which people have protested against police brutality. 
Santoro, A., ; McKee, M. (2017). Governing the Lebanese health system: strengthening the national response to the burden of Syrian refugees. Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, 23(6), 449+. Retrieved from;sid=GIC;xid=e325eb6e
In this statistical research, Santoro analyses the health needs of the Syrian population. He also makes very important suggestions on ways that the health programs can succeed in camps. His concerns towards this issue pushes the Lebanese health system to take these problems into serious matter since is causing death upon the Syrian refugee population.Santoro is an Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal editor, making him someone qualified to write about the health concerns of the people living under poor conditions. My research will include arguments on how the national governance is failing to provide a safe place for the refugees, and what are ways we can change in that sense.

Security Council, ; United Nations (2018, March 19). Procedural Vote Blocks Holding of Security Council Meeting on Human Rights Situation in Syria, Briefing by High Commissioner Press release. Retrieved from
In this Press release coverage by the United Nations and Security Council, issues surrounding Human rights crisis in Syria are covered. The suggestions made by High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein were denied because many of the nations involved voted that this wasn’t a part of the Council’s agenda. The Security Council is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations, charged with the maintenance of international peace and security. Giving it’s importance to all nations in the world, this is a source that can be trusted when gathering information from. This Meeting coverage will help me build up my argument on how little to no importance is being given to the wellbeing of the citizens of Syria. 
Syrian Refugees Face Dire Conditions at Zaatari Camp in Jordan. (2013, February 6). Russia Today. Retrieved from;sid=GIC;xid=6617b748
In this Interview done by Russia Today, many victims of the war complain about the conditions in which they live under at the welcoming camps and how the government is not doing enough to keep them sane from a war they started. Under the terrible conditions they live in, many wish they never left their homes, even if that meant death came upon them.The Russia today is an international television network funded by the Russian government, this makes their platform trustworthy to use.  My study will discuss what are the pros and cons of camps and the health issues that this brings upon this population.

UNFPA, ; Levesque, A. S. (2012, December 11). Creating an ‘Oasis’ for Syrian Refugees in a Jordanian Camp. Retrieved April 30, 2018, from United Nations Population Fund website:
The United Nation Population Found is a Non-profit organization that focus on assisting refugees by creating programs to aid camps like the Za’atari Camp in Jordan. They’ve recently created a program called the OASIS where they help women and girls achieve skills such as creating arts and crafts, communicating what effects them among many other helpful activities.The UNFPA is the United Nations reproductive health and rights agency, this title gives them the credibility they deserve. Foundations such as these are extremely important to the people who live under inhumane conditions. They help make the difference in a person’s live. I will be researching ways that are efficient to the people in camps. The work that foundations like these do will help me determine what has already been done and what could be done better. 
Welser, M. V. (2017). No Refuge for Women: The Tragic Fate of Syrian Refugees (K. S. Nirgends, Trans.). Vancouver: Greystone Books.

In this book of nonfiction, the journalist Welser Maria Von, builds her argument around the fate of the Syrian women and children. She argues that they are the most affected by the war and camps after she witness the low amount of woman in boatloads that arrived at the European shores. In her book, she analyses the consequence that fleeing has on the women and children and how they are later on treated in camps. She finds herself in a situation where women are constantly being left behind, making her question what is really going on.Maria von Welser is a German journalist, television presenter, and author making her an experienced journalist. She has reported from Chechnya, Croatia, Gaza, and India. This book will help me analyze the conditions in which refugees arrive at shores and how gender can affect the life of a person.


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