The II .2 Finish and Cultural Multifariousness Culture

The study consist of important construct that need to be clarified in rescript to understand the subject affair of the study.

In order to explore the approximation of how cultural diversity as reflected in African traditional organized religion can ensure sustainable development in Ghana, there is the need to clarify these construct to provide comprehensive explanation to the concepts and how they are used in this research. II .2 Finish and Cultural Multifariousness Culture is apparent in different disciplines and for different learner , civilisation is seen from different perspectives.

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Herbert Herbert Spencer , indicates that civilization is a set of position , opinion , behavioral norms and basic assumptions and economic value that are directly shared by a grouping of masses and influence each member’s behavior and his/her apprehension of the meaning of other citizenry ‘s behavior. In somewhat similar perspective to Spencer-Oatey, Giddens appears to sum up these definition and suggests that cultivation refers to the fashion of life sentence story of the members of a high society or mathematical group within a society. We can infer from the scholars that civilisation is a social treasure. In other words it is the citizenry that live in a society who shuffle up the empire of the adherent of that culture. In this regard, Assimeng like Giddens handgrip the view that culture is therefore the entire way of life of the multitude in a society. The term ‘society’ as mentioned in the definition of Tyler, Spencer, and Giddens may however need further clarification. This is because Scott and Marshall Intimate that a society is the composition of groups consisting of people who share a park culture, occupy a particular territorial surface area .

From all the definitions and explanation of the scholars, we gathering that culture is portrayed as an adaptation unconscious process by homo existence . People are necessary for every society and vice versa and this is because as human beings interrelate in the various groups inherent in a society, accepted ways of demeanour are adopted. This may stem from the i


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