The students to effectively study English is to recognize

The United Kingdom is the birthplace and home of the English
language  and undoubtedly accepted
destination for international students wishing to learn English or improve
their language skills. Visiting the
UK presents an exciting opportunity to learn the language from native speakers,
to learn modern English as it is spoken today, to immerse yourself in the
language and have easy access to the UK’s rich history and culture . It is  the home of the English language and with a
high-quality reputation for academic excellence. The country itself is a blend
of  rich cultural custom, variety ,
mixture of countryside cities and coast in one area. . The United Kingdom is
the perfect destination to learn English. United Kingdom has the biggest range of English language courses in the world. and
worldwide superior  reputation for
academic excellence.

In view of the present English teaching circumstances in Bangladesh, I think
the way out for students to effectively study English is to recognize the need
for their better future. To achieve that last part, for an individual like me
serving as an English  language facilitator,
it is of fundamental importance to methodically study the advanced teaching
methods such as modern language teaching theory and methodology, technology assisted
language learning and balanced study assessment processes. University of West
of Scotland keeps my interest exactly in that and it provides the courses that go
with me best. I have carefully researched offered programs and have concluded
that I would be the best fit with your program at  University of West of Scotland , in order to
acquire the knowledge and skills that will facilitate me to be a highly
effective teacher of English. I am particularly attracted by the detail of the
program provides an excellent foundation in both traditional methods  with connecting the very latest technology and
multimedia. I identify that every student is different and that the preferential
method of a teacher may not be the most effective learning route for every
student, thus the more methods a teacher is familiar with, the more effective
he/she can become. I was also very impressed by the comments made by present
students and their optimistic feedback of the program. I also get to know  that there is huge opportunity of research
activity .I  hope that I will be able to
assist in that related  fields of
knowledge sharing.

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I hold a bachelor and masters degree in English Literature from National  University of Bangladesh . I obtained 2nd
classes in both honors and masters 
degree. After completing my education  I have been  teaching English Language in BGMEA University
of Fashion of  Bangladesh
 for more than six years .  In my
opinion, various activity is an important key to successful language teaching.
I found this very helpful in person and observed that students enjoyed this way
of learning  .In those years of teaching
I felt that I need to learn more about the English language teaching
methods  and  techniques from the native speaking country’s
School like UWS to serve my country’s students immensely . My goal is to become
one of the best teachers of English in my home country, to undertake useful
research and, ultimately, to pursue a Ph.D. and provide the very best training
to those intending to pursue a career in this field of work

My tentative study plan for better completing your TESOL program is stated here.
I will make an effort to gain knowledge of the existing theories and
methodologies of English language teaching from different schools of deliberation
on the basis of my own experience of English learning. After getting a firm academic
foundation, I will try to find all the available opportunities to take part in
various workshops, seminars, lectures and conferences on and off campus linked
to TESOL.. Through applying the techniques, I will discover my strengths and my
weaknesses with my own procedure of English teaching. By doing those
activities, I will contribute with my distinctively Bangladeshi experiences and
perspectives on English teaching. I will also get to know about the problems
that my classmates might encounter in their individual teaching experience,
especially those culturally-related problems. Finally, my focal point will be
on a specific topic for writing my dissertation—Cultural difficulty and
dilemmas  in English Teaching. This is possibly
the major trouble of English teaching in Bangladesh as the Bangladeshi language
and culture are very different from those as signified by English language.

My intention after finishing my TESOL program is to come back to
Bangladesh  to carry on my  teaching position at the Department of English
in BGMEA University of  Fashion  & Technology  where I can share and apply what I have
learned from your TESOL program. I will willfully guide my English teaching
with the specific TESOL ideology to make my lessons effective and successful. In
the meantime, I will do an extensive research work with a view to popularizing
this concept that English teaching is not only a skill but also a science. My final
career objective is to grow myself as a specialist in Bangladesh in the field
of English teaching.

It has long been my dream to be an excellent English teacher. Bangladesh is a
country where technical and practical knowhow of English language teaching is interrupted.
I would love if I could through my knowledge from University of West Of
Scotland can contribute to the future development of English education in
Bangladesh .



I believe that I
am an excellent candidate for the program. I am both well qualified and have
English teaching experience, however my main recommendation is a true passion
for the subject of the program and a determination to contribute with great
enthusiasm, assist in functional research and then  to share the fruits of my work with my country
students and serve my country as a whole.



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