The language acquisition. The aim of this study

The data will be collected from 60 senior students of Faculty of Foreign Language. The result will show the particular effects on the students and their attitudes from using Video materials in learning listening skill.The data in Fig 1 indicates that Video materials are helpful to students’ understanding the context of the listening task because 52% strongly agreed and 28% agreed. They pointed out that in Fig 2, their studying is more progressive from learning listening with Video materials for 38% strongly agreed and 22% agreed. They also realized that using Video materials for practicing listening skill helped them change their learning listening habit to an effective way with 46% strongly agreed and 32% agreed.Howerver, limitations in learning listening skill throgh Video materials were also concerned in the study, as shown in Fig 3 and Fig 4.

From the data in Fig 3, 40% of students agreed that it’s hard to find Video materials that are fitted to their listening lessons. Moreover, in Fig 4 numerous of students agreed that learning listening skill through Video materials is waste of time (48% strongly agreed). Finally, 36% of students expressed they were strongly agreed learning listening skill through Video materials is costs an amount of money to invest on technological devices.The result indicated how Video materials affect FFL’s students on their listening skill and their attitudes towards using videos in learning listening skills.

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Video materials can be a very valuable tool for language learning. The advantages this tool provides include the provision of samples of real-life communication, motivation for language learning, and promoting language acquisition. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of using video materials on listening skill. The results of questionare enabled us to understand students’ experiences as well as the benefits and drawbacks of using video materials on listening skill.

The results show that Video materials have significant contributions on listening skills of FFL students such as conduct student learning autonomy, easily understand conversation context, deeply cultural exposing. The present research indicates that Video materials can be used with students at all proficiency levels. However, factors such as the expensive technology devices, the distraction of poor content related video are to be taken into consideration while students deciding to choose using suitable Video materials in learning listening skill . 


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