The environment. (den Brok et al.,Wubbels., 2004) that

The strong relation and interpersonal behavior between teachers and students plays very important role for teaching learning activities it is also the main element of classroom management (Doyle 1986). Instructions are the guidelines and directions towards the things how to do something. If we talk about the educational institutions then those guidelines and directions are given by the teacher in the classroom to achieve their academic goal properly. Teacher gives instructions in teaching learning activities and tills them how to do something to get good results in the examinations. (Veenman 1984).

Research has shown that the strong relationship between teacher and students create the positive learning environment. (den Brok et al.,Wubbels., 2004) that Bassically Instructions means to guide and suggest something with proper way which is beneficial for the students to enhance their hidden qualities at grassroots level. (Brekelmans et al. 2000; Wubbels and Levy 1993).The results of this study shows that teacher’s instructional behavior and student’s perceptions are interlinked with each other, when the teacher implement the instructional behavior and students to do it practically then they shows fruitful results to achieve their academic goals. (Ben-Chaim and Zoller 2001).

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Past researches observed that the strong relationship of teacher and students provides the fruitful result according to the requirement. Taskafa (1989), the success of the students mostly depends upon the instructional behavior of the teachers. Terzi (2002) stated that the instructional behavior of the students and students perception are interlink between each other to manage the class room activities.(Gorgen and Tahta., 2005) observed that the students’ achievement mostly related to the teachers instructional behavior.

. (Wubbels and Levy., 1993), the students perception and better outcome requires the best instructional behavior of the teachers during job hours. Watzlawick et al. 1967). Communicate towards the students with polite manners provide the better result. Model for Interpersonal Teacher Behaviour (MITB; Wubbels et al.

1985), an adaptation of Leary’s (1957) Model for Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality.(Gronroos, 1994). Instructional behavior comes from the arrangement of tremendous culture practice and student contentment. (Arokiasamy et.

al., 2007). The private educational institutions have no any financial support from the government to fulfill their requirement for providing better teacher’s instructional behavior to the students. The Leary model emphasizes on the mutual interaction between teacher and students. (Foa 1961; Lonner 1980). Instructional behavior of the teacher towards the students is a primary key for success.


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