The family and is very dissatisfied with her

The story The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick is focused on a sixteen years old name Billy Luckett. Billy shows himself as a troubled character who rejects school. Billy’s “alienation” is because of his abusive father, rejection from school, and bad neighborhood. Billy runs away from his family on a freight train. While catching a train he recalls the violent memory from his abusive father. After travelling for a while he ends up at an Old railroad town called Bendarat. While he’s in Bendarat Billy learns how to easily find food without ‘stealing’.

Unlike most other homeless people, Billy his homeless condition and is proud of his smart ways of surviving. Billy meets Caitlyn and he falls in love at first sight, Caitlyn’s life is an exact opposite of Billy’s. She comes from a wealthy family and is very dissatisfied with her life. When Billy first met Caitlyn he thought that she was a spoiled rich girl. But when he chats with her, from just smiling with each other to chatting on a daily basis. Later, in the story they became good friends, and eventually turns into a relationship. Another Person that he meets is Old Billy, a homeless who’s addicted to alcohol. He’s an addict because of his past. Old Bill is traumatized due to the loss of his daughter Jessie, after an incident of Jessie falling out of a tree, and this was the only reason that Old Bill became a homeless.

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As the Story continues Billy and Caitlyn a strong connection together and they become very intimate with each other. Now Billy and Old Billy work at the cannery, this is where Billy learns how much a dollar is really worth, and Old Bill’s also learns not to spend all of his money on alcohol. Billy matures a lot throughout the book, especially after he meets Caitlyn, for example instead of stealing a ring for Caitlyn he buys it with his own money from his hard work at the cannery, he also helps Old Bill with his drinking problem. At the end of the book Billy gets caught out by the welfare workers, and tells Old Billy to move on, but instead he has a plan that is gives Billy the key to his house. He lets Billy to live in his house and take care of it. To help Billy’s Old Billy also told the welfare workers some lies, with his previous experience as a lawyer.


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