The Dr. Rizal with his mother is

The Story of “Ang Mga Gamugamo at Si Jose Rizal” The story “Ang Mga Gamugamo at Si Jose Rizal” is one of my favorite stories of all time.

I’ve heard of this when I was young and I can recall what the story is. The story started by narrating, that Dr. Jose Rizal’s mother was his first teacher. One night, Dr. Rizal with his mother is the only two left awake in their house.

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There’s no other light in their house except for the lamp that is powered by fire and gas that they use for reading. If Dr. Rizal gets tired of reading, her mother will be the one to read, and he will just going to listen. While listening to her mother, he was entertained by the moths that flew around the lamp. Her mother noticed that he’s tired of listening so she decided to tell him a story. The story her mother is about to tell was the story of ‘the moth and its mother.’ The moths love to flew around the fire specially when its night. One time, the moth accidentally flew too close to the fire and the mother moth told her young child not to do that because its wings may burn with the fire and it may cause for it not to be able to fly again, but her child didn’t listened, it boastfully spoke to her mother and said he’s not threatened, and it continued to fly around the fire until its wings got burned.

The moth fell to the table. The moth tried to fly again but he was disappointed. The moth cannot fly again with its burned wings.

Dr. Rizal didn’t expected that the simple moth can give him a simple life lesson. After Dr.

Rizal’s mother finished the story, she said to him not to imitate what did the young moth did and always listen to her, for him to be safe and to avoid danger. So like what happened to Icarus on the story “Daedalus and Icarus,” Icarus flew too close to the sun even his father Daedalus warned him not to fly too high from the sun and too low from the sea. Icarus wings were made of wax so the wax melted and the feathers were scattered in the air, and caused Icarus to fell in the sea which is now believed to be called as the Icarian Sea. Moral lesson of the both stories tells us to always listen to our parents because believe it or not, our parents know best. And our parents really want their child to be safe and away from any danger.

And we also need to be balanced in everything that we do, in order for us just to stay in our lines and to avoid any trouble.Pearl C. Calderon 10- Andromeda


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