The story began in 1926

The story began in 1926.

This is story of IKEA. Ingvar Kamprad who was the originator of IKEA. He was raised in Sweeden. Ingvar grown up in a small farming village where was ‘Elmtaryd’.

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When he was seven he enlarged to selling flower seeds, decorations and pencils. When he got to seventeen, he started to become a young entrepreneur. His father awarded him with Money to using it to establish a business of his own. He started to create his business career by buying simple products like watches, jewellery pens, matches, decorations and selling them individually to make a profit in his neighborhood.

As his business continued to bloom he expended to selling fish and seeds.. Kamprad became an entrepreneur and decided to form the commercial company. The company has since expanded to other parts of the World and has become one of the leading furniture retailers in the World.

This company’s name was IKEA clearly. IKEA’s unique name was established by Ingvar initials and the farm and the town he was raised in.


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