The spa in oakland. He used to call customers

The incredible fitness and life lessons from superhuman- jack lalanne popularly known as godfather of fitness lalanne was a bodybuilder nutritionist and motivational speaker. He was the kid who loves to eat sweets but after listening to the motivational speech on health and nutrition he decided to start living a healthy life. He opened his first health spa in oakland. He used to call customers personally who missed the training sessions and told them that he could not help them if they were going to continue in the same spirit. He has many records awards and honors. He created many exercises and techniques for weight loss. He has some important rules that help to live a healthy life- 1- lift weights he used the technique of weight-lifting; he uses to weight lift until his muscles get fatigued. We ignore this technique because we think that it hurts. He believed that if you want to look younger and fit then you should lift the weight. He encouraged women in 19s to do weightlifting. He believed and motivated people that gyms are not only for men women should also go to the gym. 2- switching up the routine nowadays we call it muscle confusion he used this technique at that time. It used to have 2 rooms one with weight lifting machine and other with equipment like dumbbells. After every 30 days he used to change his cardio and weight lifting routine. It is necessary to change exercise routine after 6 weeks because our muscles became used to each workout and are less effective. 3- wake up early he used to wake up at 4 a.m. For his training session. He always insisted on working out in the early morning. Develop a proper routine for morning and dont skip it. 4- eating habits always consume high protein breakfast. Add lots of fiber to your diet; remove sugar from your diet. He used to take only 2 meals- breakfast and dinner which include egg white vegetables fruits fish and turkey. Reduce the consumption of unhealthy food. He always recommended filling diet with vitamin-rich foods. 5- sleep he recommended the good night sleep of 7-8 hours and go to bed between 9-10p.m. It maintains the hormones and maintains cortisol level. If you have good night sleep then you will wake up fresh next morning and will do a morning exercise. 6- stay motivated you wont get results in few days success requires time. You will achieve your goals you just have to be patient and stay motivated. Always force yourself to follow regime and diet plan. He believed that exercise is for everyone even for disabled people to elder people and its never too late to start.


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