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the sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the within society (C.wright Mills). We are seriously focused on what is happening to us. the more we understand or realize the more we feel trap. A lot of times as we’re going through out lives we might get hurdles or things that may blocks us because of the society.

It widens the capacity of a human to understand the situation. a wealthy one nor an indigent, we have our personal lives sometimes we think it may be the end of the world. looking outside the box you’re not only the one, there may be someone who has bigger problem than what you are facing right now.

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Social life have meaning for us and those meanings affects the value and the character that makes up the particular society. practically, we have our individual circumstances. for example, as a student i have things to do but it seems that the given deadline is not enough because your’re fully loaded from other subjects which means i’ll be sacrificing my leisure time or stay up all night long just to finish what is needed to be done, in the end my health is affected that could make myself disable to study or focus. all you did was right, but that situation sets you to get loaded again. this is the only part of a social issue. from what i’ve read, the social imagination enables us to put ourselves in the bigger picture and become part of the society that understands every situation of a human person. today, new generations, advance technologies and i observed that everything is now connected through social media excluding to those


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