The Britain and Germany tightened their security with

The specter of transnational terrorism has risen from a peripheral issue of the 1980’s and 1990’s to one of the foremost security challenges that Middle- East Asian region faces.The biggest problem is that the terrorists can easily travel to international borders and after that they will have chance to make chaos in another country.The country of Greece foresees the severity of war violations will cause among neighboring countries along with the future fight in Syria in which UN and EU can avoid now.If EU and UN will continue their silence in this situation,soon the terrorist problem will spread to Europe.


There are some countries that already took precautions.For example some EU countries such as Great Britain and Germany tightened their security with some high technology product.Also Turkey took some precautions about terrorists.The country started to build walls to Syrian border and they increased the security forces with some of the high technology weapons.

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Greece is the first European country which had been affected from terrorist problem.As Greece and Turkey have neighborhood,first step for terrorists to pass  Europe is Greece after they cross the Syria-Turkey border and crate chaos in Turkey.Greece took some precautions about the problem on borders and terrorists.We tightened our security in the sea and helped Turkish security forces to catch the terrorists travelling to Greece by boats and we improved our border security with the high technology and taking only women and children refugees which fleed from Syria.On a national level,Greece will continue to help Turkey to catch terrorist before they travel from international borders and international seas.


Nations that share borders should act cooperatively to stop transnational terrorist organizations from travelling acroos borders.Nations that acquire intelligences for possible terrorist activities must warn other nations to take some precautions.


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