The the extend. Examples for life sciences

The Short paper
Paper # 1 Introduction Into Gene Ontology
Joumana osailan
Gene ontology: is a way to capture biological knowledge for individual gene products in a written and computable form.

Or a set of concept and their relationship to each arranged as hierarchy . There is another terminology for Gene Ontology which is called metaphysics.

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 More particularly, this field of science points to:
maintain and create its controlled lexicon of quality and quality item attributes.
 comment on qualities and quality items, and acclimatize and spread comment data.

give instruments for simple get to all viewpoints of the information given by the extend.
Examples  for life sciences from the gene ontology:

Paper # 2 The Three Fundemental Domains of Gene Ontolog
The ontology covers three domains:
Molecular Function:
Molecular operate describes activities, like chemical action or binding activities, that occur at the molecular level.

Biological Process:
A organic process is series of events accomplished by one or a lot of ordered assemblies of molecular functions
Cellular Component:
A cellular part is simply that part of the cell which both of the processes takes place in.

Specific numbers for nodes and proteins in each domain of ontology:

Paper # 3 Genome Annotation And Other Computational Tools
Genome Annotation And other Computational tools:
DNA annotation or genome annotation:
is the process of identifying the locations of genes and all of the coding regions in a genome and determining what those genes do
Genome annotation consists of three main steps:
identifying parcels of the genome that don’t code for proteins
identifying components on the genome, a handle called quality prediction.
attaching organic data to these components
The simpliest way to perform quality explanation depends on homology based look apparatuses, like BLAST, to look for homologous qualities in particular databases, the coming about data is at that point utilized to clarify qualities and genomes.

Annotation has two classification :
Structural annotation : and it consists of the following elements , which are : ORFs and their localization, gene structure, coding regions, location of regulatory motifs .
2-Functional comment : and it comprise of the taking after components, which are : biochemical work, organic work, included control and intelligent, Expression.
Genome comment is an dynamic region of examination and includes a number of distinctive organizations within the life science community which distribute the comes about of their endeavors in freely accessible biological databases open by means of the net and other electronic implies ..

Some computional tools:
The most reliable annotations are those inferred directly from experimental proof.
There are an outsized range of tools on the market each on-line and to transfer that use the info provided by the GO project. The overwhelming majority of those come back from third parties; the GO association develops and supports 2 tools:
AmiGO: may be a web-based application that enables users to question, browse and visualize ontologies and sequence product annotation knowledge.
2- OBO-Edit: is AN open supply, platform-independent metaphysics editor developed and maintained by the sequence metaphysics association.
Seven complex lessons ineducation for the future?Arabidopsis thaliana (The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR))
Caenorhabditis elegans (WormBase)
Danio rerio (zebrafish; Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN))
Dictyostelium discoideum (dictyBase)
Drosophila melanogaster ( FlyBase)


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