The side code is perfect. The disadvantage for

The ‘Server’ is the web application which process web requests from a remote location and send to clients.

It runs a scripting language on webserver and generates HTML pages, and send them to client browsers. It provides interface to databases on the server. the connects between the displayed page of client and database server always change.

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When databases are needed to access the web application post to web server, and server will process the code. Examples of server side process are user validation, retrieving, saving and navigation to the pages. The disadvantage is that it take lots of time to process a data and send back to client.The ‘Client’ side is the process takes place on users computers. It is a browser like Fire fox, Google chrome etc.

The source code moves through internet from web server to client, runs in the browser. The client side scripts are in scripting languages like javascript, etc to interacts with the elements of HTML page’s. With no use of database the client side code is perfect. The disadvantage for the client side is it requires lot of time and effort for the scripting languages, to support the browser.


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