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The secretRhonda Byrne “The Secret” is a self -help book in which the reader reads about the positive thinking that can really help in enhancing our life . Rhonda Byrne tells our thoughts towards the feature modifies the feature. The book is based on a pseudo-scientific theory “the theory of attraction”. According to the author the optimistic thoughts can change your life happy and positive. After reading this book the reader can understand the true value of optimistic thoughts.

The author says,” Your life right now is a reflection of your past thoughts”. According to today’s world to be successful in life is t be rich . If you really want to be rich you should work with a vision of getting rich.

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Unless visualizing it you can’t achieve it . Rhonda Byrne links this topic and also his ideas with the universe. Byrne changes the focus by giving three simple concepts of “ask , believe , receive “Ask – ask clearly for what you want , but you should not ask it repeatedly because it shows that you doubt the order placed. Believe – you must believe in what you asked for before it reaches you . you need not worry for it because if you keep on worrying for that some negative thoughts might mix and produce some negative energy around you. According to Byrne believing is the “herculian task”.

Receive the author says that if you receive something the universe you must receive it with a pleasure and you must feel good about it. If you ask for a bike , you must give a place to your bike before you receive it . This one might sound beyond science. But Byrne says that time is relative ,in quantum theory .

Sometimes it might take more time to receive because of the worth of the thing that you asked for . If you ask for a luxurious car , it definitely take more time to receives . It depends upon the “order’ that has been placed. Keep optimistic people around you avoid being with the people who are pessimistic.

Because they will not encourage you instead they bring you down . Later the author introduces the “visualisation” concept . If you want to build a house you should visualize your house with the type of bedroom, hall, kitchen, even your pet animals .

There is a secret that relates everything (money, relationship , health, world, yourself). But the thing is you are suppose to believe it. According to me , it is an awesome book to read it again and again. And simply believing alone will not bring you your order, your sub-consciousness makes you to work for it automatically. The author concludes by saying about the importance of knowing the purpose of our life .


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