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The second largest country in Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is wealthy and diverse in history, culture, and natural resources.

DR CONGO culture is unique as well as other African countries, working in this part of the world is quite different and the approach to getting work done is typically different in this environment.A country with different ethnic and very religious people and inhabitants, with remarkable resources to attracting international attention and with a delicate but encouraging political settings. Hospitality and curiosity are a crucial and normal thing, although they are society who is organized into separate clans and communities, recognizing the importance in appearance and respectability without forgetting the influence of religion (Christianity) in their day to day life.

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Working within the Congolese corporate world requires some basic rules to be followed, considering that it is an environment with paternalistic and hierarchical corporate culture, difference between the private sectors and the public sectors or the government. With mode of communication been strictly adhere to, ranging from politeness, courtesy, banter and tactile a nonverbal communication in term of signs communication especially with the use of local dialects.When working with Congolese team(s), experience, skills and productivity are usually considered, encouraging commitment through act of praise and responsibility where it is due and necessary, creating a fair and neutral professional environment.During meetings and or negotiations, importance are placed on it, patience and perseverance is crucial as well as dress mode and communication, given respect to those who deserves it, not taking sides in politics, history and or religion because these are a sensitive topic to debate in the country which could affect the relationship in business environment.


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