THE adopted such method from the beginning up

The book Abubakar Imam Memoirs is a good example of historical writing that was produce by an African scholar from Africanist historical point of view. The editor use both primary and secondary sources, but the is tend to be largely based on the primary source. This due to the fact that book was build based on the memoirs i.e. letters that were wrote by Abubakar Imam and the replay he received, indeed from all these sources that the editor was able to come out with a fine book of this nature, i.e. constructing historical development based on the primary source, it vital know that the editor spent more than half of the century together with A. Imam.

However, the style of writing is interesting, the book contained fifteen chapters, therefore, are inter woven in the sense that one led to the other i.e. the end of chapter on is the beginning of chapter two, he adopted such method from the beginning up to the end. Hence in every chapter the editor did his best to expose the contribution of A. Imam toward Nigerian development.

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Another good thing with regard to this book ABUBAKAR IMAM MEMOIRS is that the editor was able to bring out about the good relationship and understanding that was in placed between Nigerian elite, this can be seen from the way they were in touch with another, some time using Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo as an avenue of communicating or personal letters. The book shows that they had very polite way resolving their issues.

From the we may understand that, Abubakar Imam played a very significant role in mediating between the colonial officers and the Northern people’ whereby he many cases used his skills as a good diplomat to depend the interest of his people i.e. their culture and religion.

On the other hand there are some shortcomings, as we can see here; Thus, the editor in most of his discussion focus attention much on political and social development, thereby, neglecting other aspect of human development, i.e. he talk less about economic issues while it crucial, in the historical reconstruction.

However, there are much praise singing about the life of Abubakar Imam to the extent that he was like a champion at all curse, while life is not like, some time it will be success some time opposite.

There was also little discussion about the relationship of A. Imam and the people of the Southern Nigerian, even though A. Imam played in the political arena of Nigeria, during his life time.


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