The of controversy because of the nudity.

The religious and political messages in his art caused controversy, yet Michelangelo’s contribution to the Renaissance period made this period famous. When Michelangelo was young, his father disapproved of his art and was afraid that the only job available to him would be a tradesman. He proved himself a very successful artist, sculptor, and architect through his work. Michelangelo has influenced generations of artists and people and that continues today.
When Michelangelo was young, he showed no interest in school, but he did enjoy his art classes. As a young boy he became a student apprentice of a famous painter and artist named Domenico Ghirlandaio. When Michelangelo was an early teen, he started sculpting his first sculptures. One of his first sculptures is called Pieta, which was created after the crucifiction. Michelangelo has created many outstanding works of art throughout his life.
Michelangelo made several pieces of art that amazed many people. His most famous works of art are Pieta, David, and the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo’s art sometimes caused controversy and violent criticism. For example the sculpture “David” caused a lot of controversy because of the nudity. Michelangelo is known for giving such realistic details to his art. He studied corpses at the local graveyard to gain a better understanding of the human body. Another project that he worked on was St. Peter’s Basilica. This church took over a century to build. Michelangelo is the only architect who’s plans were continued after his death without many changes. Michelangelo influenced many people and artists with this stunning art.
This artist has inspired generations of artists and general society with his paintings and sculptures. Michelangelo was a very religious man and showed his faith through his art by incorporating religious themes. He inspired people to become more religious by his religious works of art. For example, the Sistine Chapel influenced many religious people because visitors could go see the nine scenes from Genesis in such a realistic way. He was influenced by Roman and Greek art and has incorporated Roman and Greek aspects of art in his own. In doing so, he influenced other artists to paint more secular art instead of the traditional Christian art.
Michelangelo was influential to Renaissance artists. His art was copied by many of them and eventually a new art movement was created called Mannerism. The Renaissance period definitely would not have been the same without Michelangelo.


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