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The realist style of art emerged in the 19th century. It was the birth of Photography. Unlike previous style of arts such as Neoclassicism and Romanticism, Realism has the highest success by capturing a photograph of a memorable vision seen by the artist. By taking photographs it captured fascinating and astonishing views of people, objects and/or views of nature as well as places. Photography had the meaning of “Writing with Light”. It all developed in 1835 when William Henry Fox Talbot invented the negative and positive photographic technique process. Then came along another known Realist French Artist as Louis J.M Daguerre who developed the same as William Henry Fox Talbot but also placed an image on a astonishing polished metal plate. The most popular Realist French Painter was Gustave Courbet in his works he mainly focused in landscapes, portraits and contemporary scenes. As shown in the textbook Gustave Courbet’s painting named “The Stone- Breakers”.*** The characteristic of Realist art was mainly demonstrated by photographs , paintings, and literature in which the artists paintings included rural and urban life settings and also created portraits of naked bodies. The Realist Artist put so much work and detail into their art that the painting seemed real. For an example the realism in literature were the novels of Charles Dickens in which he had great success in dialect and in his own speeches. As shown on pg 290 he wrote a liertaure named “The Old Curiosity Shop” and also created a painting of it with poor poverty urban conditions.

The characteristics and personality of Prufrock as described from reading the chapter and poem it seems like prufrock was middle-aged man who was thin and unfortanetly was losing his hair. He was timid, and had a hard time to approach the opposite sex such as women due to his timidity. As in the poem he seems like he is very indecisive in making decisions and always feels hopeless in everything kind of sounds like he lost faith in everything. He distances himself from the society, he also seems like he feels insecure of himself on how he looks and thinks he feels like he may be critzied by other people. Prufrock mainly gives the understanding that he is depressed in this poem. At times it looks like he may be in a relationship or wants to meet a woman and would like to ask her a question but he never seems to due the fact of him being the way he is being indecisive as he states in the poem “Do I Dare?” and “Do I Dare?” Time to turn back and descend the stair” my opinion in these lines from Prufrock’s poem it seems in his own thought he will enough time to make his mind up but in his case he will never achieve making the decision. The Modern Life conditions in this time as stated in the poemit was demonstrated to have narrow streets had a scenry of cheap hotels and or apartments had low poverty of restaurants containing sawdust. Prufrock demonstrated the condition as a spirtual loss and described as Moderism.

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