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The purpose of workplace coaching is to empower an individual with skills, tools and knowledge together with an understanding of their job role in order that the employee’s performance can develop and progress with an aim of achieving the company’s goals. Usually coaching involves a non-directive conversation between two persons to identify an issue, resources or skill required within a job role and possible resolutions. The coach would question the employee and guide them towards an outcome but not provide instructions or directions. This enables the employee to freely formulate their own options to improve their skills and knowledge to increase their performance. It would not normally include personal issues but would focus on the employee’s performance within the work environment.

There are many types of alternative techniques which have similar traits to coaching; Mentoring which differs by the fact that the mentor is normally a person who has experienced the role and offers guidance towards the tasks of a new employee or less-practised individual; Counselling which concentrates on an individual’s personal issues and allows them to focus on finding the reasons why they may behave or react in a certain way and to reflect and consider new behaviours; Training is specific towards a person’s job role and concentrates on educating someone with skills and knowledge within particular circumstances and parameters.Use of coaching within a workplace benefits individuals by allowing them to expand their execution of their role and have a goal of optimising performance. It will consider the person’s ability and assists with complicated obstacles that the individual may be encountering which could include changes within a job role or within the organisation. It will support the individual to have personal growth which can lead to advancement within their vocation. It enables and encourages individuals to become leaders and assists corporations to facilitate an ethos of educating, discovery, creativity and an awareness of self-reflection. It allows critical feedback to be given to an individual’s strengths and weaknesses to facilitate growth and development.

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Coaching is normally a temporary process and can help identify goals and targets for an individual to work towards. It can have an emphasis on enhancement and expansion of capabilities, actions and accountability, assessments of circumstances and judgement-calling, primary views, theories and philosophies and stimulate overall performance.Key benefits to the organisation would be increased productivity within the workplace, employees being responsible and taking ownership of decisions, heightened motivation, leadership and clarity of direction and goals. This would lead to positive outcomes and continuous improvement in overall company performance.


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