The well based on an individual personality.

The purpose of this paper is to find out my personality type to help me make the right career choices and be an effective worker in the right job position. A personality test will help me understand personality type and traits, discover career choices, learning style, and my communication skills. The results of my personality test should help me find a career that fits best for me and help me reach my full potential.
In today’s society, most organization focuses on certain individual personality and requires an individual to take personality test. Personality can be defined as an insight of an individual, the way individual think and behave. A personality test is the key component for finding the right career choice and works well based on an individual personality. The test can be used as guidance in the right direction for the right career path. The test can also reveal what kind of personality traits and type, skills, and competency level. In addition, the test identifies your strength and weaknesses of an individual as well.
After taking the personality test, the results were very similar to my personality. According to Carl Jung, there are 16 different kinds of personality type (Jung, 1971). A personality test consists of two major components that are call Extroversion and Introversion and the other three qualities of your personality type. The results of the test reveal that my four letter personality type is INFJ. The I INFJ stands for introversion; N stands for intuition, F stands for feelers, and J stands for judger.
The four components of a personality test are energy, cognitive, value, and self-management style. My test reveals under the energy style I am reserve individual of which falls under the major component of Introversion. Introverts work better in a quiet environment, small groups, and not so much in crowded social environment. Some of the strong qualities of being introverts tend to think things through being doing and work well with long-term projects in the workplace. The downfall of being introvert is that most workplaces nowadays are about big meetings, having lots of energy for sharing ideas, enjoy public speaking, and being able to do multiple tasks as well.

Next element of my personality type is called the cognitive style. The cognitive style involves the way an individual think. The intuitions have a natural way with just knowing things, by their instincts or by their gut, and they are able to read between lines. Intuitive are mostly known for big ideas, innovators, and focus more so on future potential. The strength of intuition in the workplace is having big ideas and having the ability of envisioning and creating a project in your mind. The downfall of intuition is focusing more so on big ideas and not the technicalities of the important details.
Thirdly, the value style focuses on decision making. Under the value style I am a feeler rather than a thinker. Feelers are compassionate individuals for others and able to connect with others. In the workspace, feelers have a personal attachment the work put in and focus mostly on values. Most importantly, feelers have the need to feel valued and appreciated for our work we do in the workplace. The downfall about feelers is letting our feelings get in the way of making the right and rational decisions.
Lastly, the self-management style is about how well your time. This style reveals me as a judger. Judgers are always on time, very organized, good planners, and orderly. Judgers work better by planning ahead in order for to be on time and meet deadlines. The only downfall about judgers is the expectation of thinking everyone should have the same work structure as a neat, organized, and timely worker of which makes other individuals uncomfortable and hard to work with.
The overall purpose of a personality test is to find out your personality type, traits and to find out what career and position is best fit for your personality. The personality test has helped me find out about my strengths and weaknesses that I need to work on. I advise everyone to take the test to find out more about yourself to help you reach towards your career path. One of the things that I know are my weaknesses before taking a personality test are communicating more and engaging more with groups. Some of the steps I will take for improving and motivating myself are trying to work on my communication skills by speaking in front of a large group rather than using writing of a way of communicating. Another step is focus on engaging with others by socializing more, getting involved with group activities, and being a team player.
Don’t get me wrong, everyone is unique in their own way and I know a personality test is not specifically spot on. With some of the results are little shady of certain elements of your personality type but it does give you an idea of what your personality is like. Overall, a personality test has motivated me to thrive to reach my full potential and grow in other areas that I needed to work on to reach to the next level.

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